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This is the weasyl Page of Choco a very Delicious herm Wolfess whom has no problem sharing hir Chocolate anatomy with others. It is here where I will be displaying the character art that I have Commissioned, Requested , Gifted or Traded so Most of the Pieces are NOT my work they will all have a link to the artists that have if you like an art piece please follow the description to give the artist the proper appreciation for the pieces displayed here.

I do have an interest for art but I have a lot of practicing to do to sharpen my skills so again most pieces are NOT my work just art of the character and again those that are and are not my work will be marked as such in the piece description so please give credit to the original artist if you like the art piece found here. The stuff I've done whether it's simply coloring or fully done will be in separate folders then the stuff I've received from others

Character Info for Choco

DISCLAIMER: I am under no circumstances allowing anyone to roleplay as my character, nor giving them permission to use any of my commissioned art or stories for their own character's purposes. I will request only once for it to be removed before I report the said person to the website's administrators for stolen art, stories or character whichever the case may be.

Banner made by me using an existing art of mine from Maim on FA (is more a placeholder for now)

Icon made by p-aei on FA

Latest Journal

Uploading Art

on 17 November 2012 at 04:23:16 MST

Just letting you know for the next while I will be uploading all my stuff here

If there is an artist that has done something and wants me to remove it so it can be added to the collections then I would be more then happy to comply so if you see a submission go missing then it probably would have found it's way over there

I'll try to avoid adding ones from artist's I know are already over here unless they gives me the go ahead

There is a lot of art and I do want a site other then FA to host it all so it's going to take awhile but I'll try and keep things bunched up so they are uploaded together

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