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Hurry up to love by Shalinka (critique requested)

Hurry up to love (critique requested)


7 March 2015 at 06:06:14 MST

◕Contest picture◕

Picture done for a contest for a convention.
Polymanga 2015. Taking place this April in Switzerland.
Some of you maybe remember the pictures I did for this convention contest the past two years.
Same thing this year so don't hesitate to like it on facebook if you want to help ! It's a like contest and there is some neat prizes :)

To help like or share here >> : <<<

The theme this year is "Hurry up to love"
Very inspiring theme for me. Past year was very difficult because I've lost a lot of people. People I loved who are gone away.
Because of life, because of death. And you can really realize how much you must love people around you while they are still here.

That's what I wanted to represent here. The Leopard in flames represent the burning passion and the time that go so fast.
It's also a personal tribute to my father who passed away recently, it's my way to represent him :)
The girl pushed by the big cat can me be, at least she looks a bit like me. She is hesitant but going to give her love and hope to the life and love,
represented here by a peacock/Phoenix hybrid.
Important piece for me, at some point I forgot about the contest.
Maybe my way to say that you must continue to love and go forward even if there is so much in the past and the future seems scary.
Hurry up to love !

Edit : bigger version here if you want it as wallpaper

Comments, favs are appreciated and always welcome !

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    this is coming from someone who knows nothing about the "science of art" or whatever you wanna call it, but i don't see anything there that would need changing or fixing... or honestly improving in anyway, it looks amazing, and in line with this style of art. so ends the critique you asked for <3

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    That is absolutely gorgeous! I wish you best of luck in that contest, this is so beautiful :)

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    All these gorgeous details! @_@