Sweet Tooth by chemgas650

Maxon roamed the sidewalks, wondering where to go to pass the time. Nothing seemed particularly appealing to the canine, at least at that moment, but he had a feeling something would catch his eye eventually.
Maxon stood at a decent height of 6’5”, and his fur was mostly shades of gray. His plantigrade legs were a dark gray on the sides and lower half, as was his stomach, neck, and the lower half of his arms. The front of his thighs, his chest, his shoulders, and most of his face had a light shade of grey, and everywhere else had a shade in between the light and dark gray. He wore a blue sweatshirt and pants with a red belt, and he was glad he chose this attire considering it was a rather cold day.
As he walked, a nearby candy store caught his attention. It was advertised to sell “the juiciest candy you’ve ever had” according to a sign above the door.
Upon entering the store, Maxon’s powerful nose was almost overwhelmed with smells of sweet candies. Shelf upon shelf was stocked full of various gums and sweets, and as he scanned them it was hard to pick one.
Eventually, he found a chewing gum that was blueberry flavored. It seemed rather new to the store, and Maxon was fond of blueberry, so he decided to take one and try it. After purchasing a couple other items with it, he left the store happily chewing on the new gum. The gum was extremely juicy, as advertised, and the juice ran down his throat, making him feel like he was drinking a blueberry smoothie.
As Maxon chewed, though, his nose was slowly turning blue. The change went unnoticed as the color spread outward, soon turning his whole face blue before spreading to his neck and chest. Eventually his whole body was blue, but he was still unaware of the change as he walked along the sidewalk.
A soft and almost inaudible bubbling came from his stomach, and it began to slowly round out into a dome beneath his sweatshirt. Maxon felt the slight change, as well as the pressure that began to build, but he simply guessed he was feeling bloated for the moment. However, the pressure kept building, and soon it was impossible to ignore as Maxon looked and saw that he looked like he had swallowed a balloon.
The canine jumped, startled as he yipped in surprise. His first reaction was to spit out his gum, but even that didn’t stop the feeling of building pressure. A strong blueberry taste was still on his tongue, and it hit him that he had to be filling up with juice. He frantically looked around as his belly swelled outward, now at the size of a basketball. No juicing stations seemed to be nearby, and he had a feeling running would only make him expand faster.
While he walked, the pressure grew rapidly under his fur. His belt was being strained, and his jacket ran up his stomach as it continued to balloon outward. A loud snapping sound was heard as the belt came apart, causing Maxon’s gut to spill outward and wobble wildly as the pressure was lessened considerably. However, this didn’t last long, as the shaking resulted in a loud gurgling from Maxon’s belly before its growth sped up noticeably. Worried he’d get beached near something sharp, the wolf picked up his pace a bit, cradling his beach ball sized belly in both hands.
With no other options, he decided to return to the candy shop, remembering he saw an area with nothing particularly sharp near it. By the time he was back, his stomach was the size of a large yoga ball, his chest had become one with the big ball of juice, and the liquid was starting to weigh him down considerably. He decided to kneel down in the middle of the area of grass and lay atop his stomach, reluctantly accepting his fate to swell up with juice.
Maxon’s juice production had picked up considerably, and soon he was rising atop his bloated middle. Even his arms and legs were filling with juice, becoming rigid as they inflated. Creaks and groans came from his taut hide, and the ever-growing pressure was beginning to take up most, if not all, of his idle thoughts. In fact, it took a conscious effort to not think about the pressure, but the canine soon realized he was fighting a losing battle as he went into a daze, all of his thoughts focusing on the internal pressure under his creaking and groaning hide.
A crowd had gathered around him, but he didn’t seem to care, all of his thoughts being focused on the growing pressure in him. One particular canine in the crowd was smiling with glee, though. This one happened to be Cameron, the owner of the shop and the one behind making the candy in the first place. He had beige and green fur, and stood at about 5’2” under the juice-filled sphere that was now as tall as two busses on top of each other.
Still grinning, Cameron approached the berry that was Maxon and began rolling him towards the back of the shop, musing about how he had a “new source of juice”. Perhaps Maxon was being given a new job, but was being a permaberry really worth it to Maxon? With the canine being deep in a daze, however, the most protesting he could do was moan and mumble as his hide creaked while he was rolled to what would likely be a new home…

Sweet Tooth


20 October 2018 at 11:16:55 MDT

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