A Filling Lake by chemgas650

Brandon was taking a stroll through a forest near his house, having taken the nice weather as a chance to get out of the house. He was a skunk of about 5’8” in height, with an average build, not too slim and not too wide. He had eyes the color of emeralds, of which were taking in the many sights around him.
After some more walking, he came across a lake in a clearing. The sunlight from above caused the water to glisten beautifully, and he could see the fish swimming about under its surface. A smile came across his face as he sat at the shore, somewhat calmed by the serene feeling of such a place. What he didn’t feel, however, was the gaze of something in front of him, lurking in the water near his foot.
He lay on his back and took a deep breath, sighing happily as he zoned out in thought. As he lay there, the water’s edge near his toes started creeping towards him, forming a puddle next to the skunk and slowly rising into a blob before gaining some form. Whatever it was remained just out of Brandon’s line of sight as it rose in height, standing over him with the body of a slim female. It had a smirk on its face as she looked over her visitor.
Reaching down, she tickled Brandon’s cheek. The skunk jumped a bit, looking to his side and finally noticing the thing next to him, sitting up as he questioned the creature. “W-what are you?”
She giggled as she leaned forward, putting a finger to Brandon’s lips with a smile. Before the skunk knew what to expect, her hand was suddenly in his mouth, filling it with water while his cheeks puffed out. Then, it was going down his throat and into his belly, causing him to feel somewhat full rather quickly. The flow didn’t stop however, and the strange lady chuckled as his stomach started expanding, looking slightly distended as the water filled into it. He could feel the rising pressure within him, and, strangely, it felt… good. The way he could feel his skin stretching, the sensation of growing larger and steadily taking up more space, it was almost euphoric to him…
He kept filling up, the woman of water still smiling happily as her other hand reached down to rub his belly. He moaned with pleasure from the hand on his skin, the rub making the feeling of expansion so much better. His own hands moved to his stomach, squeezing it and prompting another moan from the increase in pressure. The water was pushing his skin outward from the inside as it stretched, and the feeling was moving to his chest as it began expanding as well. Eventually his whole middle was filling with water, the liquid looking for any place it could go into as his arms and legs even started thickening, making it harder to rub his expanding body as they were soon forced to stick out, rigid from the water inside them.
With water continuing to fill him, the feeling of pressure was hard to ignore. It felt so good, ballooning outward as his neck and limbs became domes atop his spherical middle. His paws were being sucked into his arms and legs as they bulged around them, and his head was slowly being sucked down into his neck. The pressure was extremely intense, and his hide was taut. However, the water girl had been losing her form as of recent, and now only a little bit of water remained. When it entered his mouth, he felt as if he couldn’t drink another drop, but as the water went down his throat, and he closed his eyes to brace for an explosion, he found himself intact. Every part of his hide was creaking and groaning ominously, and his cheeks had puffed up to the point of locking his mouth shut, but he was still intact. He sighed with relief as he stayed there, smiling while he let the feeling of pressure put him into a daze. He had a feeling he was going to be there for a while, but he was still happy no matter how much time he spent as an orb of water.

A Filling Lake


22 September 2018 at 10:56:24 MDT

Brandon was taking a stroll through a forest when he comes up on a lake, but he wasn't expecting what came out of it...

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