To a Berry From a Berry by chemgas650

Triss was a female fennec fox standing at 6 feet 2 inches in height. Her body was covered in grey and white fur, the colors clashing all over her somewhat like the spots on a cow. Two long ears sprouted from the top of her head, with the same colors of fur on them as was on the rest of her. She had one blue eye and one yellow eye, although the latter was closer to the color of gold. She was holding a small bag of blueberries, although these ones had been specially grown for a singular purpose.
Standing at the door to her home, she held back a giggle when she was greeted by her roommate, Tsuki. Tsuki was a lynx with fur that was a lighter shade of grey than Triss’ fur. She had spots of black on her upper legs and some black fur in the shape of a crescent moon on her chest. Her snout was black, and her ears were black. She had silver hair between her ears, save for a single lock of bright red hair she had dyed herself. Tsuki was a generally nice lynx, but Triss thought it would be funny to play a good prank on her.
Triss made no effort to hide the bag from Tsuki, and the lynx was quick to ask about it.
“Hey Triss, what’s in the bag?”
“Oh, just some blueberries. You mentioned wanting some the other day, so I thought I’d run out and get a bunch!”
Tsuki blushed, only having mentioned the fruit in passing conversation. However, she had no idea what the berries themselves REALLY did. She invited Triss in, and the two walked into the living room. Their furniture wasn’t much, simply a couch and a TV that hung on the wall. Tsuki immediately took the bag and popped a couple blueberries into her mouth.
As she chewed, it felt like the juice burst out of the berry’s skin before she really managed to pierce it with her teeth. She was slightly surprised at the strength of the taste, but she didn’t mind it, and in fact liked it as she ate. Moments later, she was having a few more, and then a few more while she chatted with Triss.
As the two talked, only Triss noticed the gradual color change in Tsuki’s fur. It was slowly becoming a dark blue color, starting from her nose and spreading outwards. Another growing spot of blue started at her stomach, growing towards her chest and waist simultaneously. While this happened, Tsuki felt a slight pressure in her stomach. She first assumed she was full, and she set the bag on the couch to stop eating. However, all conversation was silenced when her stomach suddenly rumbled loudly.
Both pairs of eyes went to her belly, and the lynx gasped as she saw what had changed. By this point, her whole body had turned blue, not a spot of any other color remaining in her fur. Tsuki shot Triss a glare, knowing what was going to happen as she sighed. “You better be ready to take me to a juicer!”
Triss couldn’t stop herself from giggling at this point, and didn’t respond through the laughter. In the meantime, the pressure in Tsuki’s stomach kept growing. Soon, her stomach had started puffing outward, and the lynx could feel her skin slowly stretching as the juice inside of her pushed against it from the inside. It felt like someone was pumping up a balloon inside her, except in this situation there was no balloon involved, and it was fruit juice instead of air. Her middle slowly rounded out as her body continued producing juice, her hide still stretching to accommodate the liquid. Tsuki would’ve been blushing had her face not been such a dark shade of blue.
When her stomach was a round dome, she began to feel the liquid bubbling inside her gut. She watched as her hide continued to stretch before her, growing steadily as she kept producing juice. Eventually, her chest started expanding too, and it was at this point that she began to like the feeling of internal pressure. The feeling of her skin stretching had started feeling rather nice, but she still didn’t want to admit it as the juice kept pressing outward from within.
Eventually, her chest and stomach had become one large dome, and her sides and back were expanding too. Her arms and legs started puffing out as well, the juice filling into any part it of her body that it possibly could. Tsuki’s cheeks even puffed out, and she started becoming worried about her getting juiced. Triss, however, had left the room and come back, and was holding something behind her back.
Tsuki tried to speak, and succeeded, although it was rather hard. “Mmph… are you going to juice me?”
Triss nodded, holding out a portable juicing device. “Yeah, but I think I’m gonna let you get a lot bigger… Not like you’ll stop producing juice anytime soon.”
Tsuki’s eyes widened at the last part of the statement. Had her arms and legs not filled to the point of being domes atop her body, she would’ve throttled Triss then and there. Triss’ blueberries had not only made her a juice-producing berry, but a PERMAberry. She simply wouldn’t stop producing juice, ever, and would have to juice herself regularly if she didn’t want to pop. On the bright side, if there even was one, however, she was admittedly enjoying the feeling of juice pushing against her skin from the inside. The sense of pressure, as well as the feeling of being so big, felt rather nice to her. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all…

To a Berry From a Berry


13 September 2018 at 17:36:08 MDT

Written as a commission for ArtemisGambit on FurAffinity ( )!

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