Gooberry by chemgas650

Lepakko was a fluffy hybrid between a bat and a fennec fox, covered in thick fur and with two black furred wings on his back. A long tail swayed behind him, its fur rustling as the soft forest wind blew against it. Most of his body was covered in cream-colored fur, save for most of his tail, the bottom half of his head, and his upper chest, which was white. The tip of his tail had black fur, and he had black hair going between his ears and on the back of his head, a single bit of pink hair swaying in front of his glasses. A black horn was on the end of his snout, and he had sharp black claws on his fingertips and toes. He had four fingers and three toes on each of his hands and feet, and his legs and arms were fully covered in more cream colored fur. He was wearing a casual pink shirt with a green, unzipped jacket, as well as green, knee-length shorts and dark green legwarmers.
Looking around at his environment, he smiled and took a deep breath, smelling the forest around him and taking it all in. However, in addition to the normal forest scents, he smelled something… odd… It smelled strangely like a slightly sour candy he had once eaten before, specifically blueberry flavored. He decided to ignore it for now and continue walking; soon feeling like something was watching him. It wasn’t moments later until this feeling was confirmed, and he found himself looking into the eyes of a rather large creature. Judging by what he had seen in books he had read, the creature was a Nster, one of the rare Nsters that had goo skin. This Nster specifically had a cyan color to its skin, with a ring of red goo at the middle of its neck. A large dark red spot was on the middle of its back, and it had goo spikes along the center of its body.
The Nster glared at Lepakko, eyeing him strangely. Lepakko couldn’t quite tell what the Nster wanted, but he assumed it wasn’t a good thing as the Nster suddenly pounced, pinning the hybrid to the ground under paws that were, to his surprise, made completely of goo. He tried to move but failed, completely held down by this slime monster as it moved closer and closer to his face. Lepakko thought this was the end for him, that he was about to be eaten by a monster made of goo, but his thoughts were quickly proven wrong when goo tendrils lashed out from the Nster’s snout, grabbing Lepakko’s snout and forcing it open before he knew what was happening. With his mouth open against his will, the Nster made a third tendril of goo start slithering into Lepakko’s mouth, soon reaching the back of it and then forcing its way down his throat. Lepakko suddenly realized what the blueberry scent was, as the goo from the Nster filled his mouth with a slightly sour taste, of which was similar to a blueberry.
The Nster kept forcing more goo down Lepakko’s throat, and the fennec-bat hybrid quickly realized he was being force fed more and more goo at once. He felt himself getting very full very fast, and soon he felt what seemed like his hide stretching. His shirt felt slightly tighter, and a look towards his middle proved that he was, in fact, expanding at a steady rate. His stomach had rounded out into a smooth dome, and it was still expanding as the Nster forced more of itself down his throat. As time went on, his shirt kept feeling tighter and tighter as he was force fed more goo, and he could feel pressure building under his hide as more goo entered his belly. Soon, he looked like he had swallowed a balloon, then a basketball, then even a beach ball as he kept growing and growing. His shirt rode up to his chest, trying to escape being torn from the expansion, but even his chest started expanding as well, becoming one with his chest as it grew as well.
After some more feeding, his entire torso was one smooth dome, and still expanding as goo started to make his arms and legs puff up as well. When he was fully immobile from the goo, the Nster stopped pinning him down and fully focused on feeding itself to him, increasing the pace yet again. A loud ripping sound accompanied a small decrease in Lepakko’s pressure as his shirt and jacket finally burst apart, unable to take the strain of holding a growing wearer. Moments later, two more ripping noises were heard as his shorts and legwarmers tore apart as well. His arms and legs were slowly becoming domes atop his expanding body, while his head was slowly being sucked down into the large dome that was now his neck. His back had begun puffing out as well, causing him to rise upward as he kept being fed more and more goo. The end was in sight, however, as what unfed parts remained of the Nster only consisted of its tail. As the last of the goo creature forced its way down his throat, creaks emanated from his hide when the feeding finally stopped. He rocked side to side slightly as he was stuck there, an immobile, creaking sphere filled with goo. There was nothing he could do at this point other than wait and hope the Nster eventually decided to come back out of his body. Hours passed, and the Nster seemed content inside of him, and he eventually just accepted his fate as a creaking orb. At the very least, he was stuck looking upwards, meaning he got a nice view of the sky above him…



8 September 2018 at 12:58:00 MDT

Lepakko decides to take a walk through a forest, but meets a fate he didn't expect!

Lepakko owned by: FluffleStuff on FurAffinity (
Aquarni (the Nster) owned by: Me!

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