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Venna (Adoptable from HyenaMeiko) by Charlie_kit

Venna (Adoptable from HyenaMeiko)


This is a character I adopted from HeynaMeikio of a wolf with a touch of "venom" named rather aptly, Venna.

Venna was a product of a failed experiment where some less-than-ethical scientists decided to make capable assassins by incorporating traits that would the modified furs to use venom in either their saliva, or by cuts made with their claws. Unfortunately, all their attempts failed - the "venom" they made was only enough to dull nerves and reaction speeds and the resulting pups were far too sociable and resistant to programming. Once the public's eye came on the program, the scientists had to give the furs up for adoption to give them better homes. Venna was happily adopted by a small family of maned wolves who wanted a daughter. While the venom genes were pretty close to inert, she was very agile and athletic; a capable gymnast. And the other result the scientist din't think of was that her pediatrician found that the venom genes actually weakened her urinary system to where she'd have no control over it. She was a stubborn pup for a long time...and a very mischievous one till she found her match in another mischievous pup with a penchant for marking his territory.

A big thanks for an interesting character.

Venna (c) Charlie_kit
adoptable (c) HyenaMikio

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    Very pretty. :D Love the blue.