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DISCLAIMER -The artwork represented on my page or commissioned by me doesn't necessarily represent the person behind the characters depicted. Some of the content on this account reflects scenarios I like to explore but are NOT things I do out of character in real life. All original characters that belong to this user are fictitious and do not resemble any persons dead or alive. If you don't like the content presented in the submissions on this page, please be respectful and not grief the artist or troll this user in the submissions.

I'm Charlie...and as you guessed, I'm a foxie. :D To be a bit more succinct...I'm a fuzzy, cuddly, oversized foxie kit. ^^ Either big or small...I'm a huggleable and loveable foxie. So that'sa me in a nutshell.

More realisticly, I'm just your average working stiff of a bachelor fox (kit) with a like of furry art and fandom. I just think that I've always like furries, but it took me a while to accept that I like being furry and now I'd like to be more involved in the fandom. wagwagwags

Typical subject matter you will see on my FA page includes alot of babyfur work - that includes adult furries who are also 'kits,' too...but I am also doing some Star Wars and even UC Gundam fanarts too. Might give a try with afew other types of fanarts some people don't get to see either. So take a peek, you might find something interesting.

Oh, and this kit thinks more babyfurs of all genders should be in jumper dresses and just cause you like pink (especially pink Pampers), you're not necessarily a sissy. You just like pink and gender doesn't matter. :3

Some other random factoids about me and my interests.

I love to give LOTS of hard love towards Star Wars, Gundam, Warhammer 40K, BattleTech and Angry Birds - I love these franchises but some of the directions or steps as of late drive me nuts so there might be a rant here or there. :P And for some good jabs at 40K, check out If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device on YouTube.

And speaking of that, I am a big fan of said franchises. ^^ I also geek out over other mecha anime, Ghost in the Shell, Pokemon, The Big Bang Theory, M*A*S*H, military (and aviation) history, roadgeek terminology and knowledge, and cooking.

I love to travel when I get an opportunity and the road to the destination is as much of an adventure as the destination.

Personally, I think that the Disney Heresy (i.e. their ownership and management of the Star Wars franchise) is much worse than the Horus Heresy. A controversial point to be for sure, especially when it makes Disney money (more than enough to cover for their money pit ESPN) and the general fandom doesn't care enough.

I'm a guy who has a poodle - and she has as many quirks as I do from some reason. :P

I like to write - you might see it here in my submissions of commissions. But it even goes into my technical writing at work (and I need restraint before it goes too long) and I have folks who've pestered me to write about my life experiences. of these days I'm gonna smuggle my bottle of Maull's into a Carolina-style BBQ joint to show them what BBQ sauce is really like. XP

...and if you'd like to talk with me, just give a yip.


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A Little Creative Direction

I am cross-posting from FA so everyone gets a chance to read my entry. ^^

It's been about a month since I last posted and since then...there's been a lot of stupidity in the world. But that's not what I'm here to talk about. I'm here to talk about Metapod wannabes that look like green pokeblocks (or batteries which is what cocoon is based on).

I give Game Freak a salute for one of the most creative legendaries in a long time. The Electric/Fairy type guardian. It's a very unique typing and a very unique name and as Groudon makes perpetual sunny day in primal form, this guy makes electric terrain as his ability. Same goes with Drampa (though if you ask me I'd take the Japanese name anyday since it's much cooler) though a Normal typing is a two-edged sword since it only games an advantage of immunity to ghosts and a weakness to fighting types. On the other hand, I wish Game Freak would have made some effort to put the XYZ stuff into the 6th Gen games. They made the full power of Diancie and Hoopa available only in ORAS, why not the Zygarde cores, cells, 10% and full power forms (though why is it like Zen mode Darmanitan) or the Thousand Arrows move? Land's Wrath is a waste when there's always earthquake.

In other news on a more personal note, I have spread out a bit from FA. I doubt I'll get the same viewership of the pieces I commissioned and the stories that go with them, but they are there in case one site or another goes down and you just have to check out my artwork. ^^ Speaking of new horizons, as you may have seen on two of my latest postings, I have a story that is going up on IB that might be of interest. It's currently registered viewers right now though so my work doesn't end up on other sites by guests. My story, "Not Quiet Elementary" will be exclusively over on IB. However I will put some of the SFW pieces up here. Despite all the mischief in the story, there some good tame scenes that are good for a wider audience to check out. It is likely I will focus on one story at at time. At least till I can get a new computer built and get a good word processor (I am only working on notepad and that's a challenge in of itself).

Speaking of IB, I will post some of my naughtier pics up there too. Both ones I have loaded here and some that you will only see there too.

I might share some more stuff if I am at the mood, but have a happy 4th, have a root beer float (Saranac, A&W, Sprecher, your pick) and don't get that AC con crud now. :P

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