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Anya's Baby Boy (by Coren) by Charlie_kit

Anya's Baby Boy (by Coren)


This is a commission by Coren of my kitsune mother Anya and her baby boy boyfriend Robbie having a little playtime outside.

"Robbie," Anya fussed as she tried to bottlefeed Robbie some apple juice. "You gotta stay still so we can play outside!"

"Anya!" Robin fussed, "Not if you keep making silly noises like that." Anya was making cute bee noises and bird noises to bottlefeed her boyfriend. It took a few more minutes until she just popped the bottle in and just allowed him to suckle the juice down.

When he had his fill, she gently tugged Robin outside to a blanket that Kenshin forgot to put away (though truthfully her little baby didn't put that blanket out there). Anya sat down on the blanket as Robin crawled over and cuddled up to her. It just felt so weird to him that he was a babyfur himself, that he found a cute kitsune girl who didn't had any problems with such a big baby...and even wanted to be his baby too. While it was strange, Robin enjoyed it; Anya seemed to know what makes little boys ticks as she teased him with a pacifier for a bit, but gave up as he batted his paws at her.

"Now, how's that Robbie?" Anya cooed and smiled as he nuzzled into her.

"Good, mommy," Robin giggled and smiled as Anya kissed his cheek.

"Good, because my little boy is going to stay outside until his mommy has to make supper for you and the other little boy in this house," Anya cooed and smiled at Robin.

"Where is Kenshie anyway?"

"He's on his nap," Anya smiled, "One too many runs around the house and he's out cold." Kenshin had the unusual gift of super speed...but the silly kit had a problem stopping and sometimes, falling asleep right there was the only way to stop. Robin though was much easier to stop. All Anya had to do was catch him in the act of something, even if it was just being cute (though even if she did that, he was still the cutest thing in her eyes besides her little boy).

"Oh, okie mommy!" Robin giggled as he squirmed in her arms, not noticing he was starting to piddle in his diaper. Anya just cooed and petted her little boy for a boyfriend as the afternoon breeze flowed through her fur.

A big thanks for a cute commission.

Anya and Robbie (c) Charlie_kit
Artwork (c) Coren

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