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Pack Adoption (by StonedShiba) by Charlie_kit

Pack Adoption (by StonedShiba)


This is a commission by StonedShiba of Charlie with his wolfy friend Willow and it seems Willow has made a decision regarding her cute neighbor.

Willow managed to luck out and get a weekend without her folks around the home. So she took advantage of the that and invited Charlie to come over and stay with her, all to herself. So when Charlie came over, she pulled her favorite neighbor into her arms and undressed him right there and then. Charlie blushed softly as she did.

"W-willow!" Charlie blushed as she wiggled herself around, showing that she was in a matching diaper and bra.

"Better get used to seeing me like this, Mr. Alpha Male," Willow winked at Charlie as she pulled out her pillow and flopped it on the floor.

"Alpha Male?" Charlie asked, puzzled at what she was talking about.

"Well, sweetie," Willow cooed softly, "A friend of mine and I want something a little different than a normal relationship. So we took an example from your old world...wolves live in packs, and all the mates are shared but pecking order. But in our pack, we only want one male...and all of us get to have you, if you want the role?" Charlie gulped at the thought. A legal guardian who's as old as he is and very shy around him, now a hottie neighbor who parades in Pampers asking him to be in her pack...and be the one to mate with the other packmates. Willow smiled as she laid down, letting Charlie cling to her and ruffled his hair.

"You sure I'd be able to emotionally bond with all of you?" Charlie asked shyly.

"Charlie, my best friend and fellow packmate already knows how affectionate you are with me, and Juniper," Willow smiled as she allowed him to pull closer to her.

"You really are pretty," Charlie blushed, "I really hope we can be together, even if it breaks Juniper's heart to see her kit go."

"Charlie? I'd like Juniper to be with us too," Willow cooed softly as she looked down at Charlie, "Can't either of you tell you've fallen for each other too? Charlie shook his head as Willow giggled and cooed, feeling the warmth from Charlie.

"Well, ask Juniper if you'd like her to join," Charlie blushed, "But if you have such deep feelings for me already...and I've felt so comfortable, and magical, since I've met you. Sure Willow, I'll be your pack's male. I'll make sure when I do get to mate, I will make love to all of you." Willow blushed hard as she kissed Charlie's forehead tenderly.

"You really want to make this pack last, don't you?" Willow smiled fondly, "Though we are a pack, who would you pick to be your soulmate, one who you'd ask to be a bride?"

"I guess that's you, Willow," Charlie blushed, "I feel like Juniper is more of a mom than the girl next door who I've been falling for. I love Juni deeply too, but I want you the most."

"Oh Charlie," Willow smiled and nuzzled to Charlie, "If you had a ring I would have already taken it. Though, one silly promise. I have this weird fantasy of weirding out my parents...and that would be me mating with my boy in plain sight of them, maybe just before we turn 18...and even with some diaper play."

"Geeze Willow," Charlie chuckled, "We might be able to work out those details as they come closer...maybe except the timing, how 'bout 18th birthday?" Willow giggled softly as she snuggled the newly adopted male of her pack.

A big thanks for a cute commission.

Charlie and Willow (c) Charlie_kit
Artwork (c) Stonedshiba

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