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You Know Why (by Kay) by Charlie_kit

You Know Why (by Kay)


This is a commission by Kayote of Charlie and Kayla, doing a little InuYasha cosplay together and Charlie understanding why Kayla likes the idea of a Shippo-ship with Kagome. This is in the alternate story with Charlie and Kayla together.

Charlie and Kayla were blushing as the two were mutually changing each other at the same time. They didn't care - they loved the intimacy a diaper change provided them, it was a special moment for Kayla and her baby boy. However, she decided to dress the two up differently for the day, She smirked as she tied a bow into Charlie's hair, then wiggled him into a top and vest. She then booped his nose and made him watch as she dressed herself up in a Japanese schoolgirl outfit, then purred softly.

"There we go," Kayla smiled, "a schoolgirl and her little fox demon." *Charlie blushed as she said that. He was well aware of her Shippo crush but dressing him like that...he needed a little context.

"I see you're Kagome then?" Charlie asked shyly as she leaned over to kiss him.

"Sure am," Kayla noddled and smiled, "Wanna know why I like Shippo so much?" Charlie giggled sheepishly and noddled.

"I know Inuyasha hooked up with her in the end," Kayla giggled, "But to be honest, he's a dense dipstick. Shippo might be little but he's wiser and more mature. Sooooo..."

"My Kayla secretly wanted Shippo to make little fox demons with her then," Charlie smirked.

"Ayup," Kayla giggled, "And welp...I kinda have that fantasy with myself I'd like to see if he'd like to mingle fox demon with fox together." Charlie tsked and shook his head as he pulled her into him.

"So, where are we going silly girl?" Charlie asked her

"The Japanese store, the Korean market, the big grocery store...and supplies for our Kirara too," Kayla answered, "and I'm still changing you out in public like a real kit."

"Kayla!" Charlie fussed.

"But if you're a good little fox...your schoolgirl will give her little fox demon what we both want," Kayla purred and gave Charlie a wink.

A big thanks for a cute commission.

Charlie and Kayla (c) Charlie_kit
artwork (c) Kay

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