Before the Cartoons (by Natsu_cat) by Charlie_kit

Before the Cartoons (by Natsu_cat)


12 June 2016 at 15:06:14 MDT

This is a sketch piece by Natsu Cat of Saji and Anna having a early Saturday morning cuddling.

Despite being a nocturnal species of Eevee, Saji was still an early bird. So the little guy was up at about 5 AM stretching out and hopping out of the bed shared by him and his twin Anna. But to his surprise, Anna was now getting used to Saji's sleep schedule as she gave his padded front a playful pat, giggling softly.

"My my Moonpie,' Anna purred, "Getting up without a change?

"Anna!" Saji whined quietly.

"I know you enjoy you wet pants...but let's both get clean pants, okay?" Anna cooed as she wiggled him onto the changing table, softly kissing her twin as she got him all cleaned up and into a fresh thick diaper...

"That mean's my Flower probably needs one, too," Saji blushed softly as he helped his sister up, tenderly changing her into a matching diaper and sealing the change with a kiss.

"What does Moonpie like to do up this early?" Anna cooed softly.

"N-nothing!" Saji meeped as Anna tugged him along.

"Then how about this?" Anna asked softly as she tossed her night gown off, leaving her in only her diaper, "Cuddle all of me in the bay window.

"S-sure Anna," Saji cooed as the two walked over the the living room, kneeling on the platform in the bay window as Anna drew his head to her bare chest.

"I'd like to see how we look as sunrise peers into here," Anna cooed softly, "my Moonpie."

"It's pretty," Saji blushed softly, "It's kind of a special secret spot where I can enjoy myself without everyone else."

"Did you ever envision sharing this with anyone before me?"

"N-no," Saji blushed hard, "I always wanted you. No one else my Little Flower.

"Oh Arceus, Saji," Anna gasped, "I love you Moonpie."

"Shh...let's cuddle, unless you want to kiss me," Anna blushed softly.

"S-sure Little Flower," Saji cooed as he looked up to Anna and softly kissed him. However, Anna was thinking of really holding the kiss as long as possible. The sunrise was their special moment, their special time and they wanted it to stay that way.

A big thanks for a cute commission.

Saji and Anna (c) Charlie_kit
Umbreon and Leafeon (c) Game Freak and Pokemon USA
artwork (c) Natsu-cat

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