{HOWLOWEEN} Your Grave Awaits...! - by Blackmirror359 & Me by Charem

{HOWLOWEEN} Your Grave Awaits...! - by Blackmirror359 & Me


13 October 2017 at 17:11:34 MDT

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Even when a Shadox has had their fill of hunting around for meals on Howloween night, they still aren't against a few/several/many more snacks stumbling and tumbling their way! That's why a lazy, stuffed 'Dox like me finds a nice, comfortable open grave to go rest in - or if none is available, I'll just dig one myself~ (Doggos are generally good at digging!)

Sure, a graveyard doesn't sound like the BEST place to find a lot of prey...normally. But on Howloween, well! There's PLENTY of people that want to stop by a spooooky place like this during such a night... Usually teenagers doing dares or just wanting to get a thrill around the dead. People can be so silly sometimes; they willingly gravitate towards scary places at scary hours just to enjoy a bit of fear, just ASKING for trouble... But they don't want to get TOO scared, TOO in danger...

Oh-ho, that's too bad~

My spectral abilities can do quite a bit even while I'm just lazing about in the ground. Such as disturbing nearly electrical devices, powering off flashlights and phones that such invaders use to see their way around the graves... Or sneaking a little energy into their head, providing the slightest suggestion of what direction they should walk and explore...goading them deeper into the grave-site, closer to my pit... And it's so DARK after all; they can't see where they're going without a light...!

Maybe they'll notice the ominous green glow I emit...but that's only AS their feet find there's no step forward to take anymore. Down they tumble, flipping head-first or just flailing feet-first...not that it matters much to me~ My mouth is QUITE ready and open to catch whatever part of them lands first, and my powerful throat makes sure that the entire rest of them quickly follows! Oh, and there's no use in them struggling; even if my hole is one of the more shallow ones, it's still quite impossible to climb out of my gullet-grasp~!

And no matter how many stumble and fall, no matter how tightly-squished my belly gets against the cold dirt walls, there's ALWAYS room for one more~ Perhaps...you~? Oh yes...

This is MY grave! But don't worry... It can be YOURS too!

Much thanks to BlackMirror359 for doing three Howloween collabs with me this month! This one took him a lot of effort; he's still new to mawshots and perspective stuff, but I think it all turned out rather well! :D

Coloring was simple again, but fun~ I had a LOT of fun with the text; thanks to my pal Cyril for suggesting the text be given a spiky flair, it really added a lot!


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    pulls out machete and puts on hockey mask Happy friday the 13th! Drops machete

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      Woof! To you too, Jason-guy~ munches on the machete

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        I would've expected something... Tell me, what color is your blood?

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          Technically red blood like a mortal creature, but typically mixed with the molten-green of my spectral energy~

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            Hmm, I thought it was purple.

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              Nope! Surprisingly.