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This Puss is a Butterball, Humongous Even! by Charem

This Puss is a Butterball, Humongous Even!


4 November 2017 at 19:15:41 MDT

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Oh, the poor Snagglepuss. All the pink mountain lion wants to do is try to get by and improve his life a bit, gain some fame and fortune...but his efforts always end in vain. Not to mention his other misfortunes along the way; being hunted, dealing with evil scientists...! At least he does get out of such situations (with wacky flair, no doubt), but the best the puss can ever hope for is to be back at square one...

Perhaps his expectations of himself and his goals are simply too lofty. The feline was more than a bit obsessed with flair and pomp; pride proving to be part of his downfall wasn't impossible. Not that he'd ever admit that, though, right? After all, he WAS sophisticated.

He didn't always have a problem with one event that seemed to crop up an awful lot, though. Getting captured by zoos... Sure, it was a bit of a pride hit at first glance, but his inner actor was much more passionate than his pride - and performing, having the attention of crowds of people, was simply too good to pass up! Besides, there was the free food...oh, all the free food was just delightful~! Living out in the jungle had its perks, but hunting for meals like a proper mountain cat was just TIRING~ (Plus, he was not always the, ah...most courageous cat?)

...But such carnie arrangements would never last for long, for one reason or another... Just more misfortune, really.

That 'square one' was always there, though. His humble cavern abode, and the life of a jungle cat... Passe, but serviceable. He'd always, at some point, find his way back there after every scrape and circumstance.

But one day on his return, a small box rested in his mailbox. How strange, he wasn't expecting mail... Inside was a tightly-folded sheet of paper and one simple white pill. The pink cat unfolded the letter in suspicion...he had no need of any prescription, he was healthy! Perhaps it had been mailed to the wrong cave?

The letter read...

Dear Sir and/or Madam Mountain Cat,

Congratulations! You have been carefully chosen from a rigorous random drawing to receive our Hunter Pill, a state-of-the-art (and mostly-tested) new drug! Tired of all that effort of tracking, leaping, pouncing, and devouring your agile prey, with all the failure it brings? The Hunter Pill tunes your nerves and centers your instincts to never fail in your hunts - and without you having to lift a conscious paw!

That's right! This single pill will last you five full days and nights* of successful hunts, and will completely take over the process for you! To activate its effect, simply take a 'cat nap' and when you've awoken, you'll find your belly warm and stuffed! Our Hunter Pill does absolutely nothing while you're awake - but the moment you're asleep, its unique chemicals take effect, doing all the work of making you 'sleep-hunt'. It's just like sleep-walking, but far more useful!

You're far too busy and important of a cat to go through all the effort of feeding yourself. Give the hunter pill a try!

"Well, talk about good luck! Good fortune, even!" Snagglepuss remarked to himself, his panthery tail waving all a-giddy. "I'm already quite tired and hungry from the walk back home - now would be a good, yes, a perfect time to try this out! Maybe it's a scam, but maybe not..."

So the pink kitty waltzed inside his cave, got a glass of water and swallowed down the little pill without incident, his belly feeling fine - if a little hungry - as he plopped down in his bed. It was hard for him to catch a little shut-eye, and within minutes he had dozed off to sleep...

...And then, seemingly just as quickly, he had awoken. The mountain lion blinked heavily, glancing at his bedside clock to see that an hour had passed. That was certainly a good cat-nap; his body felt very well-rested. Had the pill done anything...? The cat peered down, seeing his blankets had risen up in a modest hill...ah! He pulled them off, inspecting his rather-stuffed pink had worked after all! Not only had the hunt gone successfully, but it was clearly a good hunt as well; he'd eaten a lot!

Then, a thought crossed his mind. Hopping out of bed, he inspected his kitchen area carefully... He would always cook and prepare his meals, you see; he was a civilized lion after all! Had the pill done all that work too? An hour to hunt and cook seemed a little slim...but it wasn't impossible. Yet no dishes were out to dry, nor was his stove or oven still warm. Hmm...

Snagglepuss gasped, his thoughts interrupted as he felt something...move! his gut. He gave it a confused pat, intending to check again, but only resulted in encouraging out a loud BELLLCH! A very duck-tasting belch, for that matter... Looking down again, he could swear a squawk... Ah! His belly was exactly the SIZE of a duck, now that he thought about it... Did he eat a WHOLE, LIVING duck? With no parsley, paprika, or honey-glaze? No slow-cooking at 450 degrees? No side of buttered and salted potatoes?? H-how uncivilized! He wasn't THAT sort of hunter!

The feline fretted to himself, pacing the room. That letter had no return address, nor any number to call. Why, it hadn't even listed a company name, come to think of it! He would LOVE to give them a cross diatribe and demand reparations, but that just wasn't possible. All he could do was...wait it out. Yes, the pill would only last five days, it had said!...and it would work only when he slept. He would merely sleep once a night then, and simply tolerate such uncouth eating habits for the five day period. That wouldn't be too bad...

Or so the cat thought.

The first couple of nights weren't too bad. He slept deeply each night, and indeed woke up with a full belly each morning - his gut heavily stuffed each time. But by the fourth day, Snagglepuss was starting to grow in concern...and just, grow in general! The cat-nap had fed him one whole duck; the first night had fed him two more. The second night, he'd woken to a FOX yipping away in his gut...and the third night had clearly crammed him full of two more foxes!

It was getting more and more troublesome to move around with such...gorgings! The pink feline spent the fourth day trying his best to do exercises at home, as the two foxes certainly took their time to digest. More than aiding digestion, he was trying to work off the weight all this food was clearly beginning to add to his frame; his hide was becoming soft, his features more plump. By that night he had done a fair bit of exercise...what he could manage with his thick, heavy gut, anyways. He wasn't all too eager to sleep again; in fact, he'd drunk several cups of coffee to try to prevent it. But he was feeling dreadfully tired now...perhaps due to the workout routine? He couldn't help himself, sighing as he laid down on his bed and heard it creak from his weight...quickly...dozing off...


The mountain lion's fur stood up in shock as he lifted his head with wide yet sleepy eyes, looking this way and that as he woke up from another sleep and tried to process just what happened...! Everything seemed a bit...lower than he remembered... Ah...! The ground was right there, and looking about, he realized; his bed had collapsed. Thanks to...his weight. He gulped and groaned as he looked at his gut - now just as big as him! - wobbling and...hissing? Oh...oh heavens. He'd eaten another big cat, just like himself, hadn't he?

He felt a fair bit worse about this meal, but it was, of course, far too late to do anything about it. The cat rolled out of his bed, struggling to stand to two legs with all this weight hanging off his form. 'Well, some win and some hard feelings.' he thought to himself. He was past the hump anyways; it wouldn't be too much longer till the pill lost its effect, right?

Exercise had proven more exhausting the day before than he'd expected, so Snagglepuss elected to simply rest in his favorite chair and read some books for the afternoon. All his'd be easier to work it off once the whole pill fiasco had ended, after all. Plus, if he made himself too tired and ended up sleeping more, it would only lead to more problems...


...Wh-what? Again?! The pink lion blinked back awake, realizing rather quickly that he had dozed off while reading, due to still being so tired and his chair so comfortable. Well, it WAS it was in pieces on the floor just like his bed, broken under his weight... ...?! ...Snagglepuss sighed as he observed his belly, the tremendous, hissing pink mound that it now was. There were TWO big cats expressing their displeasure inside his belly now... Why, he wasn't even aware there was this many fellow felines in his area! How did this Hunter Pill find them all...? He glanced over to his bedside clock, still safe on his unharmed bedside table... 2 PM? Why, it was 3 PM the last time he looked at the clock while reading; did his clock wind back somehow? Clearly he'd slept for a little while...

...Quite a while... was the afternoon the next day, wasn't it?... Goodness! He was a cat, but even he'd didn't sleep THAT long!

The fat cat jostled and wobbled onto all fours... Ah, was that the best he could do? He was too heavy for two embarrassing. He heaved his way over to his bookcase, grabbing quite a number of books before lazing out on his living room rug. Well, at least a rug couldn't collapse... He'd just spend the day reading again, and try to stay awake this time so the pill couldn't do anything major again...


Snagglepuss grinned to himself, realizing his good fortune. If he had slept for so long, then now it was...the sixth day! The pill's effects had ended!

Feeling a renewed energy despite his hugeness, the pink blob of a cat struggled mightily to two feet...pushing and rolling at his pliable belly-fat however he could. He was too heavy to properly exercise, let alone move all that much, but he'd be active how he could! He had a lot of weight to lose to return to his prime figure again...and so he kept up the efforts, rubbing and finagling and wobbling his weight for a good few hours to try to burn whatever calories he could! "Prrrr..." Snagglepuss had begun to remark without noticing, his self-belly-rubbing leading to a happy, growingly-rumbly reaction of instinctive delight. He really was soft and warm now, wasn't he?... Even this simple effort of flab-kneading was starting to tucker him out...and the cat begin to lean more and more atop his belly... It was, almost like a pillow...


The cat awoke as a cool but refreshing breeze swayed over his fur, his ears perking to the noises of the jungle. Wh...why was he outside? Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he saw he was just outside his if he had been just going back inside. But wait, he'd fallen asleep inside, hadn't he?...


"H-Heavens to Murgatroyd...!" Snagglepuss exclaimed in absolute shock as he looked down at his gut...! It was...HUGE! Huger than EVER! And it was squirming!...squawking!...yipping!!...hissing!!...roaring!!! A duck, a fox, a cat...and a BEAR?! The pill should have worn off...and yet...! Here he was, having hunted ALL the meals he'd eaten before, plus one even larger? How did he even SWALLOW all of these things, let alone HUNT them? He quickly realized why the pill had not returned him to his den; he didn't even fit through his front door anymore!

Oh?... The pink pillowy puss noticed his mailbox flag was up. More mail...? He strained to reach over to the mailbox, having to climb atop his jostling gut just to manage... A letter was inside, unmarked like the last...could it be from the same company? Opening the envelope with a claw, he unfurled the letter inside...

Dear Sir and/or Madam Mountain Cat,

We dearly hope the Hunter Pill has proven as effective as you'd liked! We appreciate your contribution to our R&D department, and we are happy to proclaim that the Hunter Pill will be available for commercial purchase in another week! Hold onto this letter if you would like a discount to continue your regimen upon official release.

If the Hunter Pill has not met your satisfactions, we deeply apologize. We also regret to inform you that any misuse on your part - as detailed on our previous letter - is outside of our liability.

Have a nice day!

...'Misuse'? What do they mean, 'misuse'?! Snagglepuss thought hard. He had read the whole last letter, hadn't he? ...Wait.

It took some hours of digestion before the bloated feline could manage to struggle and strain his way back through his front door - and he may have broken the door-hinge along the way. That didn't matter; he quickly found the other letter sitting on his dinner table where he'd left it some days ago... It didn't seem any different from the first time he'd read it, but...

His eyes stopped on the second paragraph again.

That's right! This single pill will last you five full days and nights* of successful hunts, and will completely take over the process for you!


five full days and nights*

Why was there an asterisk...? The cat scanned the letter, finding nothing more of note...until he turned it to the black back. No, it wasn't blank; what was that little line of ink there? Really...small...letters...? Being a prepared feline, Snagglepuss was quick to rummage through a drawer and pull out a magnifying glass, holding it over the rather-hidden text...

*Five full days and nights of controlled eating is guaranteed with a normal nightly sleep schedule. Any deviations or additions to this, such as midday naps, can have unpredictable effects on eating portions and lengths for the Hunter Pill. The unique chemical composition of the Hunter Pill may prove self-renewing in this circumstance, with its effects persisting anywhere from 10 days to 10 months (estimated) longer than the desired length.

We hold no liability for misuse of the Hunter Pill.

"But I...I took a midday nap! A small rest, even! On the first day of this pill...!" Snagglepuss gasped in disbelief. "So the pill was a scam, a farce, a lie! Just like I thought, just...not in the same way I thought! Well, how you do like that? A scam that does what it says TOO well, instead of not well enough!" The pink cat rambled on in an outrage, his flabby face fuming and his blubbery belly bouncing, even turning towards the viewer in the midst of his diatribe! But ranting and growling would do nothing to change the feline's situation. Only time, vast and nonspecific as it was, would end the pill's effects now.

It wasn't all bad for the cougar, in the meanwhile. He finally had a guaranteed, no-effort way of obtaining food - though he did have to widen his cave entrance more and more as he grew and grew in size. The jungle had been a wild and dangerous place for the pink puss, but it too was becoming more peaceful for him...after all, his hunts could land any of its inhabitants down his gullet without fail. "Snaggleplump" as he became to be known, was quite feared throughout the jungle...and though being the world's fattest cat was still a bit embarrassing, he was only too happy to sponge up all the attention. Notoriety, after all, meshed nicely with his sophistication! Perhaps when this was all over, he could land a book deal, maybe even turn it into a movie...

There was no 'exiting stage left' for Snagglepuss in this situation, but for once, staying on the center stage was working out for him...! It's like they always say...every cat has their day!

Welp, haha. <3 This picture was certainly fun to do.

I drew this back when Snagglepuss, the old Hanna-Barbera cartoon character, ended up back on people's radars earlier this year thanks to a comic from Mark Russell. He was portrayed...pretty oddly in that comic, but it briefly revitalized interest in the character with numerous people. And, me...I used to watch a TON of old Hanna-Barbera cartoons when I was a kiddo (I would regularly watch 60s - 70s era cartoons), and the whole buzz reminded me of how much I liked Snagglepuss. Not only does he have a pretty dang cute character design, but his personality is...flaming, to say the least~ He basically sounds very gay and theatrical, and I think that makes him cuter yet. :3 (I made a silly little commercial edit of him here a while ago too, if you're curious about his personality/voice:

The Snagglepuss buzz extended to some really handsome Snaggle artwork that a few people drew. Thusly inspired, I figured I'd draw my own picture of him as well! Honestly, I'm slow at posting this; I drew it back in February, haha. I feel I could've drawn it a little better in some ways, but I'm still pretty happy with it. It was originally just supposed to be fat-fur art, but the bulges are semi-defined so really, I have to count this as vore in addition now. Semi-digestion, perhaps? I guess I drew the belly 'wrong' for my intentions but it still looks dang nice for a vorish context; happy accident, I guess!

I just wrote up the story. Didn't intend it to be so long, haha. I hope people like it! He's a fun character to imagine saying different things and reacting to things.

The whole Snaggle-buzz is probably over by now but maybe some people like me have stuck around to liking him? Hope so. <3 He's a handsome cat~