{HOWLOWEEN} The Neighborhood is 'Doomed! - by BlackMirror359 & Me by Charem

{HOWLOWEEN} The Neighborhood is 'Doomed! - by BlackMirror359 & Me


13 October 2017 at 16:45:03 MDT

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Oh goodness me oh my! It's simply not safe for trick-or-treaters to go out candy-hunting with hungry Shadoxes about. Simply being aware of what the dangerous dead doggos look like isn't enough, either. Everybody dresses up around this time, looking like something they're not...and we Shadoxes are saavy enough to do the same!

I guess it's true that my ruse only works so well, though. I mean, I make a PRETTY convincing (if purple) Houndoom with these lovely sets of bones I...'found'! But with more and more trick-or-treaters falling for my disguise, that's more and more of them falling into my belly as well... Sure, my costume still holds up just as well, but people tend to stay away from belly-bulged Houndooms just as much as belly-bulged Shadoxes! In general, any voracious dog can look rightfully intimidating.

Ah well! It's not like my belly lumbering against my legs and sagging along the sidewalk is really gonna slow ME down that much~ And even once I can't catch any more delicious costumers, I still have all that delicious candy of theirs that I've been collecting for dessert~!

So BlackMirror359 was a super-generous fellow this month! I asked if we could do a collab, presented a few different ideas for him to pick, and then he decided to do THREE of them~ I've already colored a couple of them up, so I figured, why not post them today? It IS Friday the 13th after all...a VERY Shadoxy day indeed. >:3

I really like how he delivered this doggily-devilish design for me~ Coloring it was pretty straightforward, but
it all came out really cute! A good warm-up for the other projects I've got for the month. (I have a couple other collabs to do too, aside from the ones with Black. Busy October!)