{HOWLOWEEN} A Howloween Spoopuppy - by NimbusTheMix by Charem

{HOWLOWEEN} A Howloween Spoopuppy - by NimbusTheMix


8 October 2017 at 14:39:59 MDT

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Guess what time of yeeeeear it is~ >:3

With Howloween (or as the mortal masses call it, Halloween) fast approaching, it seemed right to prepare for a Shadox's favorite holiday. Representing everything we spookily stand for, not to mention also increasing our spectral powers, there's a lot for us to love about the day!

Here we have me putting on my best spook-face. Of course, Shadoxes are quite good at spook-faces, right down to ethereally changing our features to make the best ones~ Woooo~

Of course, this is just the beginning...

Woof-woooo~! It is of course October, so it's time to start getting nice n' spooky again! This picture was drawn by nimbusthemix nimbusthemix as part of a jack-o-lantern YCH they were doing for free - which couldn't be more appropriate for a Shadox! Nimbus did a great job with this; there's a perfect balance of spook and cute with this~ (N-not that I'm cute! I'm SCARY! WOOO)

I've got a whole bunch of Howloween collabs lined up too! So expect some art streams around the month while I tackle them~ Hopefully I'm not late getting everything submitted this year!

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    I think your REALLY scary! (And a little cute..)

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      (I still love how you blended the two! <3)