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Polter-Pup's Piggish for Postal Persons - by Macaroni-Civic by Charem

Polter-Pup's Piggish for Postal Persons - by Macaroni-Civic


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Dogs are good pets. So dogs can live around human societies fairly harmoniously. Shadoxes are we're good pets, right? Well...yeah... Shadoxes can live around human society? Umm...sure. Sorta...

Oh, who am I kidding. Shadoxes are not exactly as well-behaved, nor as controllable, as a typical suburban pup. Sure, we can get along just fine with the right people, given the correct levels of placation (food) and attention (more food, possibly petting). The problem is, human-places have a lot of people, and not all of those people act quite right to stay on a Shadox's chill side.

Other dogs can be the same way sometimes. Take mail-people, for instance. No dog likes strangers traipsing onto their territory, so a casual and daily invader is not really appreciated. Yeah, they're just delivering mail to the owners; the dog doesn't get that though! It's more personal than that to a puppo.

Shadoxes, to their credit, aren't really as easy to spook or anger like that. But that's just because we have all these powers at our disposal...not to mention our appetites. Ya see, a home invader gets our attention just as much as any other dog; but while other dogs just freak out and get aggressive, we get rather...elated! Sure, invaders are bad, but Shadoxes know how to turn a bad situation around, and even make it a Very Good Thing! Food is always a Very Good Thing, after all... All dogs agree to that, it's just that we Shadoxes are far more flexible and expansive over what we consider food~

Yep yep - when we see that delivery uniform on a person, we Shadoxes will salivate instantly...before pursuing the next instant~ No mail-person likes to be chased by a dog, but it's a little worse when the dog has every intention to swallow you whole! Sadly for the mail-people, I can go on a chase for quite a while...long enough to chase down EVERY mail-person on duty that day, in fact! And if my wriggling, sagging belly gets too large for the run, I can always just grow my overall size to better tote the tasty buffet. Hey, Shadoxes have some pretty sweet powers, I already mentioned that~

It's sure a good thing that it doesn't take too long to train mail-people! My town has a fairly high turnover rate thanks to me...but there's always new recruits to gulp down even so~ <3

Macaroni-Civic surprised me with this last week! He just felt like doin' a gift, came up with this idea, and decided to draw it. <3

It's really sweet of him! And what a fitting picture too, this was a great idea he decided to depict. It is SO a me-thing to do; I love the somewhat-crazed expression I have as well. I'm REALLY caught-up in my eating binge there... >:3 (Shadoxes are ghost-dogs after all, so if I'm a little scary sometimes that's perfect! It's all part of the Dox-charm~)


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    cries in laughter

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    What happens to them after you eat them....? D:

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      I’m guessing they ‘add on to her bulk’ if you know what I mean.

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        Hehe, sometimes!

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      Well, that's why I'm so soft and pudgy!

      (Sometimes I let them go later though~)

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    At this rate you won’t be fast enough to catch any pretty soon.

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      Maybe not, but I think I'll be very satisfied by then~