Floofed Right In Without a Thought - by SOJITZL by Charem

Floofed Right In Without a Thought - by SOJITZL


4 June 2017 at 00:58:51 MDT

Fluffy creatures; who doesn't love them? Very few people hate a soft coat of fur (except those with allergies, I suppose~); I mean, all that softness is pretty harmless right?

Well, kinda. Shadox tails can be so, SO fluffy and so, SO big though, that certain precautions need to be taken. We're ghost-dogs after all, we have traits that are not typical with mere mortals. ...Such as, incidentally, the trait to turn people into more floof for ourselves if they get a little too...encapsulated...by our copious fur.

But there's not much cuter an action that a happy dog waggling their big furry tail over you, so that's why Kevin didn't think of moving out of the way of my joyful butt-appendage as it flopped atop him. Really, I didn't even MEAN to draw him deep into the cottony mass, but even fur can be very weighty if there's enough of it... Hey, I was distracted by a squirrel and it's not like hair has a ton of nerves either; so it was easy to miss my tail's consumption of the hume until it was a...bit too late. Oops!

Well, he will make some luxurious new curls for my fur in a few hours, that much is for sure. <3

This was something SOJITZL whipped up with his character Kevin as a birthday gift for me a while ago! ^^ Thank you man, this is totally too cute~

This isn't the first time I've done tail-vore with my Shadox, but it's the first pic I've decided to post about it~ Big tails can want some big meals, as you might expect~ In lieu of a tail-maw though (a 'normal' feature for hungry tails to have), my prey can simply sink right into any part of that copious floof, essentially absorbing them into it like quicksand~ <3 I feel this is a little more unique than just having a tail-maw, and it's pretty adorable~ (Though I may try a proper tail-maw at some point! I'm a ghost, I can augment that in~)

(And yes, Pokemon Art Academy logos can be annoyingly-placed!)

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    what kind of tail is that?

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      It is made of fluff, lots of fluff~ Easy to stuff somebody into it~