[COMM] Dogs Love Bacon...But Owlgons Love it MORE! by Charem

[COMM] Dogs Love Bacon...But Owlgons Love it MORE!


2 May 2017 at 00:42:21 MDT

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(This goes like triple-quadruple for this pic because it's entirely my own work and I LOVE CRITIQUE SO FEED ME~ <3)

An awful lot of creatures will go crazy for bacon. It's not hard to believe; those salty, greasy, yummy meat-treats are delightful anytime, anywhere, and CERTAINLY in any quantity~ It's very well-known that dogs in particular go absolutely mental under the possibility of receiving such a holy grail of food, and you will be hard-pressed to find a meal that will excite a canine as much as bacon!

But just because puppers are famous for their interest in tasty crispy piggy, it doesn't mean their lust for it is necessarily the strongest out there... Yes, an AWFUL LOT of creatures will go crazy for bacon...including much larger, much stronger, and much harder to satisfy ones! The description of a dragon to a tee, wouldn't you say...?

One day, I'd gone and made a kingly feast of bacon for my doggy-self! It took an awful lot of time and effort, as dexterous activities tend to take when you're just a quadruped. Fortunately, being also a bit ghostly, I could use a few tricks of levitation and control to sizzle up all those fantastic meat-sticks...but it was still a lot of work! Bacon-cooking is a very intensive process, if you want to make it juuuust right~

But as soon as I had ALL of the countless packages of bacon emptied, and all those greasy pieces stacked up high on numerous plates, I heard the 'trump, trump, trump!' of an approaching friend... Oh, no! I did like having friends around, but...not THAT one, not NOW!

Krown was a wonderful dragon - well, owlgon - to spend time with, but he ALWAYS had a crippling weakness for bacon...! What a time for him to visit! There was no chance of hiding the mountain of food; bacon is super-aromatic, and he was already sniffing his big nose up into the air, his blue tongue lolled out and drooling... The bacon-trance had already hit him, and he didn't even seem to see me as he stomped dangerously up to me...!

In retrospect, I probably should have moved...but a dog is very stubborn about not abandoning their bacon. ...Stupidly-stubborn, you could say. The dragon stepped right on over me, his already-chubby belly shadowing over me before it FLUMPHED down atop me! He was quickly settled down in front of all those plates, not even noticing that the comfortable 'floor rug' he'd laid upon was actually me - he was simply too focused! All that wonderful, smoky-scented, glistening, still-sizzling bacon...he couldn't wait a moment longer!

The tonnage of owlgon-pounds atop me only bore down harder - and squishier! - as the dragon began to gorge. The flab atop me only muffled things more and more as time passed, but I could still hear it all. The overexcited clattering of plates as full ones were quickly grabbed and empty ones were tossed away; the mannerless scarfing and smacking of lips as the bacon got tossed roughly into that hungry durg-maw; those low, loud GURRRLLLP's as the drake swallowed with such needy force... Those segmented belly-portions bloated and puffed out softer and softer, covering me more and more into darkness as Krown's frame expanded and obesified...

O-oof... The loudest noise of all only grew more to my attention as I was so blubber-buried. That capable, powerful draconic gut just above me...it was churning madly, more active than a washing machine on a spin-cycle as it was absolutely DETERMINED to reduce those meaty strips into fattening calories in as short a time as dragonly-possible! The answer to that question seemed to be '0.5 seconds per plateful' from what I could gather...!

Finally, I could hear the dragon's belly begin to settle, and his flabby-jiggly movements begin to slow. The belly above me seemed to relax...before tensely harshly down atop me for a moment! "BRRRRRAAAAP!" roared out the owlgon as the pressure was let loose in a sated belch, the greasy beast at last letting out a sigh and sagging in peace...

I slowly dug my upper-body out from under the tons of scaly weight, trying to look up at the dragon from around those splayed-out blubber-folds. Krown was panting; catching his breath from all the active effort he'd exerted, as well as needing to catch quite a bit of breath with how out-of-shape he'd made himself! His piercing yellow eyes acknowledged me, but they were clearly still wild; he had not come down from his bacon-y high quite yet. The owlgon would likely apologize once he came back to his senses, but for now...he was clearly quite proud of himself, and didn't hold a shred of shame for his actions.

Yes...and he'd free me then, once he came back to his senses... But...how long DOES it take a dragon to leave an eating-high, and to have their draconic pride settle down, again...?

...Oh, right... >//>; We're talking about dragons here...woof. I wish I had a book or something... I might be under here a while...!

Haaaah. <3 I really should have uploaded this sooner. I think Krown was politely waiting for me to post it first before he did...not that I minded if he had went ahead a while ago~

So this! Krown, the big blubbery owlgon cutie here, commissioned me for this! This marks the first time I've EVER done a commission entirely independently; I wasn't doing a coloring commission and coloring somebody else's art, I wasn't collaborating on a commission with another artist. This work is entirely done by me, and while it took FAR too long for me to complete this commission (again, Krown, dude; your patience is legendary and I totally appreciate that <3), I'm still very very very proud of myself for completing this!

With any luck, this'll be the first of many such commissions I do autonomously. I'm perpetually open for "Throw Me a Bone" Commissions for that exact purpose, actually~

I'm really quite proud at how this big 'ol durg turned out. Much as I like fat-stuff, I'm not too great at it yet; even so, this blubbery heap 'o scales really turned out beautifully. ^_^ I am not really talented with feathers yet either, but I think I did a serviceable job on the 'owl' part of this owlgon. The shading really worked out great to add depth to this fella and make him look even wider and heavier~ And...I think I did good work on the expressions. Look at that proud doofy durg and my poor bemused self. :P

All in all, I can naturally nitpick the hell outta my own work, but I think the sum of the parts is great! (I definitely would like to know what you guys think! I prefer having others nitpick me anyways, it's far more productive!)