Growluff's Tail-Fluff Got Stuffed! - by redmetalfox by Charem

Growluff's Tail-Fluff Got Stuffed! - by redmetalfox


4 June 2017 at 00:59:29 MDT

Always mind fire-puppies! Growlithes may not be that big, but they're definitely 'big dogs in small bodies'. It certainly helps that their evolution is massive, but even before they get that far they're very spirited, stubborn, determined creatures! Fire-types are passionate like that, I should know.

Take brawlfan for instance. He's a real-passionate Growlithe too - passionate about eating, as well as passionate about keeping a luxurious coat. Which is why he's mastered the art of shoving creatures into his poofy tail and sating both needs at once! Sure, he had to start out with pretty small creatures, but now he's gotten to the point that he can shove a creature twice his size in and make them totally disappear... A-as I'm learning here!

I guess with my own copious coat, I was just too tantalizing a target for the pyro pupper to pass up! ^_^;

This was drawn by redmetalfox!  brawlfan117, the Growlithe here, requested the picture~

I think I made brawl pretty excited by the concept of tail-fluff-vore, because he's been getting in a lot of practice before finally going after me! Check out his profile for more tail vore and oral vore scenes he's gotten from people; the world needs more voracious fire-pups. <3

(And yes, two tail vore pics back to back! This is tail vore day, I suppose~)

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