Easter Noms Make Happy Doggies! - by Annika by Charem

Easter Noms Make Happy Doggies! - by Annika


16 April 2017 at 14:42:11 MDT

Easter's a great time to eat things. Eggs are delicious, bunnies are delicious... Well, everything's delicious to a Shadox, but it's great when holidays justify it!

This was a really super-cute picture done by Annika! I asked her if she could doodle me something for me to post with an important journal on FA, as I realized an image would get more attention to the journal than just posting the journal alone. She decided to go above and beyond with the request and made this really adorable - and holiday-thematic - picture!

This is a 'blank-sign' version since I don't need to announce anything here on Weasyl. Curious what you guys would write on it!

Happy Easter guys!