Rubber Dogs Are Not Good Guard Dogs - by Tanukeki by Charem

Rubber Dogs Are Not Good Guard Dogs - by Tanukeki


15 April 2017 at 18:29:47 MDT

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The following story has been written by   Lucardevoir!

The Starbound universe is full of a wide variety of interesting species. Some are ruled more by their instincts, while numerous others have grown enough to devise thoughts further than just what instinct tells one to do. In large, magnificent castles and the towns that surround them are the marvels that is the Glitch. In deep jungles that are rife with ferocious fauna is the meat hungry almost feral Florans. The hot fields of the volcanic planets, home to the curious Smoglins. Even in a remote ship that has seen plenty of travel is a rare creature. Amidst the occasional bouts of mechanical sounds you can sometimes hear the easily noticeable racket of a beast that haunts the halls of the ship, and every so often you can hear the terrifying rawr of this creature.

If you were ever unfortunate enough to be an intruder on this particular ship and stumble across this fearsome beast. You'd no doubt find that roar being lobbed your way. The creature would rear back and let loose the most ferocious... squeak? No that can't be it. This creature has a stance that spells out every bit of trained ferocity, one word between you and an attack most dire. No, surely that lowly squeak can't be attributed to this creature. This most be some form of trickery. The stories you've heard of this ship and the one who captains it, there's no way something like is all as it seems. Without a second thought you turn tail and flee. Your feet impact the ground audibly as you dash down the halls, yet no matter how fast you rub, there's an ever present noise of rubber rubbing against rubber. The first door you see you bolt into, and just wait in absolute fear.

In this moment of peril your ears seem to become superhuman, yet you don't hear that fiend doesn't seem to approach. Thinking yourself to be in clear you step with utmost silence and barely open the door... but that moment is marred by the soft footfalls of another creature. You think to hide away once again, but your nerves hold you frozen peeking out of the creaked door. From your vantage point you catch this, that squeaky monster bounds around the corner just as the other creature appears, a pink bunny? The small rubber looking creature runs up, eyes closed and lets out another ferocious squeak! Your eyes dart to watch the bunny, surely he will react just as you did... you wait... and wait... until finally you see a reaction coming. Yet this wasn't nearly the reaction you were expecting, instead of fearful running you just hear the bunny chuckle a bit before saying, "Ya might want ta work on that a lil' more.". The rubber dog opens his eyes in surprise and bounds over and sits down before the bunny, and the pink bunny kneels down and starts petting the dog. You can overhear the bunny say, "Still fancyin' yourself ta be a guard dog, huh? Guess I can't blame ya though, can I?". The bunny leans forward and rubs the rubber dog's belly, and you swear you can hear some sort of muffled yelling in response. You watch the bunny stand back up, the rubber pup jumping up to keep his attention, and the pink bun looks down to say, "How 'bout ya run back ta my room, left a lil' treat for ya in there.". At the mere mention of treat you see the dog's ears perk up, and immediately that rubber dog darts off down the hallway the bunny came from. Now alone in the hallway the bunny stretches a bit before turning towards the door you've been peeking from. With utmost speed and carefulness you close the door just moments before the bunny turns to face it. You rush to hide as you hear the bunny from outside say to himself, "Let's hope that treat Doxy found is a delicious one."

This was another wonderful picture drawn by Tanukeki! Well, ALL his work is pretty wonderful in my opinion, which is why I keep using that word! Tanu's a great artist, consistently knocking all my commission ideas outta the park~ ^_^

In this one, we have a guest star,   Lucardevoir's Lustea the Leporidae! Seems I've been enlisted as a guard dog for Lusty's space-ship (as the bunny owns), but I'm not exactly perfect at the job. This is mostly due to me now being made of nothing but shiny rubber and air. ^^; Sq-squeak! Being a pooltoy-puppy really makes you lose a good strong canine bark! It's not all bad insides are reduced to just an open tube from my mouth to butt, but it's still enough for me to om-nom up intruders with a bunch of crinkles and squeaks! Neither my bark nor my bite are much to worry about (rubber teeth aren't very good at biting!), but my SWALLOW is still something to worry about!

This is actually the third of three pooltoy pictures I got from Tanu - I'm simply posting it first because Lucard posted this recently and with a nice story, so I figured I'd start by sharing it. ^^ If you're wondering WHY I'm a crinkly, shiny, squishy air-dog now...I dunno; plot-wise, it just happened! I've always loved rubbery things though, including rubbery creatures...and I did rubber-up as a Charmeleon a few times, so why not try it as a Shadox I figured? Plus, Mason did a FANTASTIC JOB turning me into a balloon already, so it's a natural progression, really.

(I have to say, I think I'm 1000% more adorable as a pooltoy-dog than a pooltoy-lizard. <3 Tanu turned all my fluff into inflated puffy things and it's just aaaaahhh too much cute!)