A Mao and a Ruff, One Held By the Scruff - by Bluefox3465 by Charem

A Mao and a Ruff, One Held By the Scruff - by Bluefox3465


15 April 2017 at 18:26:40 MDT

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There once was a dog,
and a little black cat.
The canine was big,
But the kit, wasn't that!

It was quite a custom,
Even with Pokemon,
That dog chases cat,
And perhaps even nom!

But this purple pupper
Nipped the kit by the scruff.
Though not to be mean or
Do anything rough.

The tiny kit-cat
Was too young to be alone.
Though fault wasn't his,
The pup wished to atone!

No momma or dad
For the weak lil' kit?
Well, doggy'd be both;
He was big enough for it!

Off the fluffdog trotted,
Adopted son held quite near.
The happy kit mewled,
Feeling safe without fear~ <3

This was a cute-patootie picture created by   Bluefox3465! It was a commission done for me and   redchu. (Aka me, the big floof-dog; and Red, in his adorable Litten form~ <3) It was a very simple commission idea, but sometimes, those are some of the best~

I have no problems being a good momma cat and carrying around the little kitten dotingly to keep him safe. <3 Maybe it harms some mark of canine pride, but I don't really care~ He's just too cute not to dote on!

For those wondering, I came up with the title first. And it was so fancifully-rhythmic I decided to write a full-fledged poem. ^^ Fun to do these now and then~ And I bet it'll make the cute lil' cat mewl all the cuter when he reads it himself - since it's a bit of a surprise. <3


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    mew <3 nuzzles the big dog

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      Rrrrurf! <3