A Max Zorua's Far Better Than a Max Repel by Charem

A Max Zorua's Far Better Than a Max Repel


15 April 2017 at 18:26:19 MDT

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Gotta love caverns. Dark, twisting passages of rough terrain, and the perfect breeding ground for tons and tons of obnoxious Pokemon. Sure; a single Zubat or a single Diglett isn't really that big a deal for a trainer, and it's rather nice for those wishing to complete their Pokedex...but when you've run into about the 20th or 25th of a particular creature, you start to get tired of 'em VERY fast. Of course, when you're lost in the middle of such natural (read: disorganized) caves, you have to just suck it up - those underground Pokemon are territorial, and will absolutely let you know this till the moment you reach the blessed outdoors again.

There is normally only one way around this; the effective, yet short-lived Repels. There's a few levels of quality to the brand, sure, but even the best of them wears off far too quickly for those wishing to spelunk in peace. A poorly-planning trainer can go broke trying to keep stocked up...and besides, their own Pokemon aren't be too fond of the repellent either!

It's a good thing, then, that a trainer's Pokemon can be their greatest asset in this situation. No, no; not just because they loyally help one fight each and every cave denizen. There's a few companions that are real go-getters, and are smart, strong, and hungry enough to...send a CLEAR message to the wild Pokemon in such places~

'Stay away, or you'll get eaten!' tends to be a better threat than a mere fight and a temporary roughing-up and minor fainting tends to cause. Pokemon live for fighting, and if a Zubat sees a brother-Zubat get beaten, it just makes them want to fight too! Getting eaten, on the other hand, is not something most Pokemon live for. Digestion tends to involve the opposite of living, anyhow!

The shiny Zorua we see here is being quite a valuable team member for his gawking trainer. Some say shiny Pokemon are all glitz and no substance, but this dark-chocolate fox proves otherwise. Sure; it took devouring maybe 25 Pokemon of all sorts and sizes - some more tasty than others in such a rugged place - but it would appear the local cavern population has finally gotten the message. If not, the fox's LOUDLY-gurgling belly and THUNDEROUSLY-proud belches will spell it out undeniably...

For now, the trainer need simply wait a bit. Their perky 'little' fox is busily working on all those meals, the many wriggling bulges slowly mixing with soft fat on that rapidly-widening frame. Sure, it'll take a bit of the trainer's time; but not nearly as much as getting into fights every 10 seconds would've. It's a net gain...both in time, and in blubber!

This was another 'abandoned' project I made from a few months ago, that I just took to finishing. :3 I was a little less orderly with my lines in this one; I normally refine everything really carefully, but this time I figured I'd keep it looser and more relaxed...and it still came out looking just fine! Though I still left the project after that...until recently, when I colored it all up nice~

I know some people don't like digestion, and that's okay. I'm not very sadistic about it (usually equating the act to 'circle of life' logic), but I do enjoy seeing it happen from time to time. I mean - it leads to more fat. ;3 I find this sort of scene particularly-lovely though; the MIDDLE of digestion, usually with a whole bunch of meals. Some of the prey is still wriggling away, some of the prey has already glorped into beautiful calories and widened the pred's frame... The belly is a mix of flabby folds and firm bulges, and of COURSE it's making plenty of gurgly noise~

I notice that this sort of scene is rare in vore/digestion art. Even when the pred does get shown fat afterward (which imo is a wonderful payoff for all the work of eating somebody), it's rare we see the scene in-between eating and being fat - the process of churning the meal/s into softness. Suffice to say...it was fun to draw this rare scene. <3

I do hope I got the mix of 'bulges and fat-rolls' well here; do tell me what you think! I'd love to hear opinions in general on this piece!

(On a side note: Right as I was about to post this picture today, I decided to hold off and went back into SAI. The Zorua didn't have nearly a fat enough butt for such a girthening fox, so I fixed that. 83 Also added my 'trademark' blush effect to bulges, butt, and face; I kinda dig how easy it is to use and how it really does enhance the look of things.)


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    What an adorable Zorua! Love that thick layer of chub he’s getting, and those massive belches are great!

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      Thank you! <3 It was a fun picture to draw.