I'm a Bit Overeager With 'Free Samples'... - by Rokie38 by Charem

I'm a Bit Overeager With 'Free Samples'... - by Rokie38


15 April 2017 at 18:26:44 MDT

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There is a corporate form of wisdom in setting up free sample stands in grocery stores. It makes people want to buy the product their tasting, and the act of eating a little snack can stoke further hunger, making the whole store's selection look more appetizing...and all the easier to purchase.

However, this wisdom is not so wise around certain voracious creatures. Take a Shadox like me, for instance! I was just going to shop around politely and get a good selection of foods for myself, and buy them peacefully like the civilized anthro that I am. I'd already eaten second-breakfast an hour before, keeping me from thinking about my belly too much, and focus on what my belly would want in the FUTURE, not the NOW...

...But, hey, I'm me! I couldn't resist visiting all the sample stands the grocery store had set up that day, having one sample...then two...then six...then just eating the whole packages they were making samples out of... Each sample attendant would get mad at me at some point along my binge, but that didn't much matter after I pulled them over their food counters and swallowed them up too!

Urrrrp~! Well, so much for being a polite customer...

This was a cute thing done again by   Rokie38, since he likes to draw stuff for me! Thanks buddy. ^^

Asked him to try me anthro, since it's not a form I take nearly often enough! I sure came out looking a bit twinkish...not that I mind~ <:3