A Mewling Midday Meal - by Pippuri & Me by Charem

A Mewling Midday Meal - by Pippuri & Me


15 April 2017 at 18:22:38 MDT

FULL SIZE: https://puu.sh/tfWAD/668dfdd444.png

Cats are very independent creatures! They do what they want, they go where they want. That is, if you let them. I've never understood why puppies always have to be kept leashed and monitored outdoors, while cats are freely allowed to roam about without a second thought. Why, it's almost CARELESS, don't you think?~

But, don't let me argue these decisions. I'm just your friendly neighbor-wood Lycanroc, just a wolf minding his own business. Cats think they know more than they actually do, a lot of times, of course...and so such cocky little mewlers will leave the comfort of their suburban environs to poke around places they shouldn't be...wild places, like my territory, even...

Oh, I don't get mad. It's quite fine. Whether it's a Meowth, a Glameow, a Skitty, a Purrloin, a Litten...I'm quite hospitable as a host, even if they have less than perfect attitudes. Why, just now I'm enjoying the company of one of each of the cats I listed off, and I think we're having a fine time together. They seem to be a little rowdy in my "guest foyer", but I'm flexible...VERY flexible. Awroooof~

...Oh, is this YOUR Litten, sir? He's just now entering my domain for a visit too, but I assure you he'll leave through the back door at...SOME point. I don't claim my guests FOREVER, hahaha~ Well, not 100% of them anyways... ;3

Mfff, gosh~ <3 This was drawn by   Pippuri/Annika, who was very gracious and creative in helping me come up with a Lycanroc Midday form for myself! The blend of Shadox and Lycanroc is so on point here~ <3 Lycandox Midday! And a STUFFED Lycandox Midday at that...so many tasty kitties~

I did the coloring here, and doctored a stock forest photo with a canvas effect. I also did a special trick; I did not do any shading, but I DID do lighting. This is to highlight how this is the 'light' form of Lycanroc that I am, thus I more or less omitted the darkness. I think it looks kinda cool!

There is also a counterpart, a Lycandox Midnight form, in the works! It's also drawn by Annika and...well, I still need to finish coloring it, haha! But I'll get to it before too long. ^_^

(If you can't tell, this/these might be my favorite Pokemon of Sun/Moon~)


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    Does he digest? Yes or no

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      I, coyly, leave it up to the viewer to decide~

      ...Or to climb in afterwards and check directly~