Happy Moo Year 2017! - by FluffyOttsel by Charem

Happy Moo Year 2017! - by FluffyOttsel


15 April 2017 at 18:22:13 MDT

I started this a couple New Years' back... Happy Moo Year! What better way to usher in the new year than with turning everybody into big, fat cows? Miltanks, to be precise...because you'll never find a better Milk Drink to usher in January, especially one so full of calcium and protein!

I didn't have much time to arrange a proper celebration this year, but fortunately, FluffyOttsel took up the mantle this time! Making himself into a proper Moo Year's Miltank, he happily served up a fresh mug of his personal milk-supply to me and all his other friends...which, of course, made every single one of us into big, fat, buttery cows too! Moo Year's Miltanks are just that festive; their milk gets EVERYBODY in on the udder-party!

All 15 of us cows mighta literally stolen the stage here, but don't let our wide frames deter you from slipping in somewhere and having a creamy drink yourself. It's quite alright if we have to bunch up as more cows join our party herd; I don't think any of us mind a bit of cuddling! Mrrrooo~

FluffyOttsel was totally awesome to do this massive Moo Year's picture to bring in 2017! It is indeed a 'ritual' I started a couple years back, but I was too busy to do anything for it this year's arrival... So it's awesome to see this continued by him! <3

The Miltanks involved here, from top to bottom rows, left to right, are...

  ThatAccountYouKnow | FluffyOttsel |   Charem
  aratharron |   skruffyhusky |   roythedragon |   bigfatfoxs |   kieron59 |   jouigirabbit |   ObliviousOath
  fantasyleader |   mklkmkwk |   winged-kuriboh |   dociletrevor |   sonicfan121