I'm Just Begging for Food (Like You!) - by anonomouse by Charem

I'm Just Begging for Food (Like You!) - by anonomouse


15 April 2017 at 18:24:39 MDT

You really can't resist a dog who goes to all the trouble to beg. It's hard to sit up on your haunches and balance when you're a quadruped, and we're stuck waitin' like this till we get something! Don't leave a pup hanging man!

Of course, when I do it, I'm not looking to get a french fry from your Happy Meal or a dirty plate to lick clean. Those things ARE nice, but...no no no, I'm begging for YOU. <3 So come on close and nuzzle inside my eager, panting snout...

Perhaps the reason we dogs sit up to beg is so our meals don't have to travel as far to reach our drooling chops~ I'm doing you a favor; instead of having to flop down to the floor, all I'm asking is for you to lean in on! So convenient~

This was some more delightful sprite art randomly and kindly done by   anonomouse! <3

There's an animated version of this too (that he was nice enough to do upon my request). I won't be posting that†, but it'll be my new avatar soon... So watch out for the cuteness, lest it consume you! ^^

†(Changed my mind! The animated version was only 100x100, but I only realized after posting that I could easily upscale it to match the 600x600 still image I had here before. So enjoy adorable animatedness!)