How a Shadox Eats Christmas - by Winged-Kuriboh by Charem

How a Shadox Eats Christmas - by Winged-Kuriboh


15 April 2017 at 18:16:28 MDT

We all know the Christmas tradition of setting up a decorated pine tree in one's home, then piling presents all underneath it~ Well, some Shadoxes are not one for tradition, such as Eragon's Shadox form here. Oh, he still LOVES Christmas, but he isn't a big fan of Christmas trees. All those pine needles pile about, and it's such a hassle to throw it away later.

Fortunately, he did find a tidy solution; simply eating it! Tree, tinsel, decorations, lights and all~ He had trouble getting at the tree due to all the presents piled up under it though, so those had to go first...and since he already had a mind to consume, he simply devoured most of those wrapped boxes for starters! Sure, they might not be the most comfortable shapes to swallow, but ghost-canines are stubborn and stretchable creatures~

It seems that in his spirited binge, he didn't notice just how nearby I was when he started gorging... Now I'm quite trapped under that packed, holiday-filled gut...w-woof! ^^; Oh well, he'll find me eventually...and add me to that gut, no doubt~

Merry Christmas guys! I didn't have any distinctly-holiday pictures revolving around me to post this year, but a picture focused on my hubby   eragoneater's lovely Shadox form is really just as good~ <3 I did ask for this drawing, after all;   winged-kuriboh was all too kind in helping me get my boyfriend this little prezzy drawn up~ Hey, this 'dox really needed a fattened picture, he hadn't gotten any before!

I also did the festive background on this, as well as reworked the outside lines a bit (a necessity to work on the background in this case)~

Hope everybody enjoys their holiday! (I'll be doing a Christmas stream in a little while, watch my journals/subs!)