Morbidly Obese, Gorgeously Increased~ - by Flame & Me by Charem

Morbidly Obese, Gorgeously Increased~ - by Flame & Me


15 April 2017 at 18:17:16 MDT

Shadoxes can be insatiable; obviously. Even more obviously, I like to eat a lot; it's been proven over the years. Even with that said, my eating binges usually end at SOME point; there is a finale to my hungry rampages. I am a lazy dog after all; I can't keep up eating 24/7, especially when my full, dragging gut further tuckers me out and encourages a nice digestive snooze~

But with help?... Well, I am a cute fella...and it's fun to feed a dog, after all. We canines act like every meal we're given is the best thing in the world - till it disappears down our gullets and we forget about it existing, anyways, and start looking for the next snack. <3 Yes...sometimes I can get help~ It gets a fair bit bigger if I'm still being fed after I make myself immobile. But even this has its own inevitable conclusion; when my feeder grows tired themselves, or runs out of food to feed me...or when I end up eating them too (usually because of the former two reasons).

Sometimes though, I find just the PERFECT assistant, a truly dedicated and resourceful person who has stores upon stores of food - or just knows how to obtain it all - and the fervent energy to deliver it ALL to my chops~ These helpers are few and far between...ones who'll chug an energy drink over taking a snooze so they can keep stuffing my face, keeping my belly constantly-sated and thus not ending up inside it~ Well...letting them escape that pit for a longer duration, at least.

Oh, being eaten by me is inevitable, no matter how awesome you feed me. Take the chap who turned me into this enormous mound of obesity! He worked tirelessly without break for three whole days, delivering only the most fattening and buttery of sweets and sundries to my drooling lips. He likely owned a bakery and worked hard to make fresh treats for me, judging by their apron and the fact they kept dusting themselves in more sugars and flours as time went on~ Eventually I couldn't take the delicious sight of him without action anymore and when he hand-fed me a gigantic cake, I made sure to wrap my tongue around his wrists in a snare, and gulped him right up with that frosting-slathered delight! <3

Really, getting eaten by me and churned into thick blubber is quite a compliment. I only look at you more hungrily the more you help feed me...and if you're so inclined to see me grow and soften, clearly you'd like to personally and directly help on the matter, yes? <3 Of course you would...and I'm sure this baker felt the same way~

Now you see me after this baker-dessert, and after I'd spent some time meticulously licking my bloated neck-fur clean of any icings and sugar~ I am a cleanly pup - and it meant consuming a few more calories, which I would NEVER waste! Now all I can do is sink into my own blubber...sagging and spreading about on the floor, my endless rolls wobbling perpetually and slapping against one another with a soft flumph~ Perhaps I could muster the occasional happy kick of my higher leg, though ever so lightly; my fat-coated muscles could handle nothing more at this point. My lower leg had no such luxury, being entirely lost under my pillowy gut; I couldn't feel where my belly ended and that leg began anymore... I couldn't help but pant hard, out of breath be merely existing at this point; my poor body exhausting itself just trying to circulate my life's flow about, and my heart thud-thumping hard at the titanic effort it was required to make!

I had never been quite this fat as a Shadox before...and as handicapped as I felt, I couldn't help but smile contentedly, nestling my snout between my hiked-up mounds of neck~ The exhaustion was worth how wonderful it all felt...having my lazy nature brought out in full-force, and not to mention FORCED on me, by how heavy I was! Though...there was one thing that would improve the situation even more...

Hard as it was, I made the effort to flip and flop my tail slowly, waggling it...YOUR way. You'd been watching for a while, hadn't you? Marveling at this mountain of purple? Well...let me capture your interest all the more~ I have need of a new feeder...and you want to squish up against this whale, scritch these flabby rolls, and stuff my heaving, huffing snout with more food, don't you? Oh yes...yessss, I AM still hungry...did you imagine for a moment I'd be otherwise? <3 So come, help~ Find out just how much BIGGER you can make me~ Maybe you could sink my paws fully into my weight, make my tail disappear amongst my behind... [b]Make it your OVERWHELM ME COMPLETELY in my OWN FLAB~[/b]

Wwrrruff~ ^__^ pant-huff-wheeeezes, drool slopping out of his jaws as he breathed heavily I look forward to your contributions...!

Who knew a blobbish mound could look quite as lovely as this~? <3 This was a Christmas present I got from my friend [url=]Flame[/url] a few days ago, and I colored and shaded it myself~

We had been talking about blob-furs after he did some rather belly-packed images ([url=]such as this~[/url]), and I remarked how I loved how he specifically drew them. I usually have a 'cutoff point' with fattening; I don't usually like it when the character's anatomy is entirely overtaken by the flab. I like to see how fat hangs off of and bloats out certain body parts, so when the fat basically consumes those body parts, I find it less interesting. ...Usually! There are some exceptions - such as Flame's efforts as such huge fatties. I adore how he rolls and slobs the fat; he has a better sense of gravity than a lot of blob-fur artists I feel, and it greatly benefits the heft and weight that exists there. Plus, he still manages to hold to rules of anatomy, even as all the fat starts to fade those rules. Like my massive thigh in this image, for instance; it's starting to mesh into my belly since it's so thick and saggy, but you can see differentiate it and appreciate it individually. <3

So basically, Flame is one of the few artists I take my 'fat limit' off with~ No matter how big he makes them, I ADORE them. ^//^

Which is why I'm very happy to color and shade this image too! It was a delightful project, and I'm very happy with my shading here. I tried VERY hard to work with the heft and sag of all those pounds with my light angles, to enhance them and bloat them out all the better. I think I accomplished this, as does Flame; what do you think? It's quite impressive, considering I haven't drawn for two months before doing this (shame on meeee), and that I was getting used to my new and better tablet as I was working. (Side-note: This new tablet is amazing and this picture kind of shows that.)

Also, I have to credit :iconextraextisential:/Jokulinn for making me love such huge fatties more too. Simply put, he works me up into quite the blushing mess when he describes how he loves his fatties huge, immobile, heaving and wheezing... I channeled a bit of his passion into the above story, especially the whole 'exhausted to exist, heard overworked' bit. Sure, there's certain a level of morbidness to it - I'm always one breath away from a heart-attack like this, no doubt! - but it just plays into the morbid obesity and, for people like me and Joku, that makes it pretty awesome~ That concept of a creature being SO fat that his body's basic processes are strained by merely continuing in just drives home how massive that creature is. <3

(Don't worry! I'm a Shadox, anyways; if this body gives out due to sheer amount of flab, my spirit will still be a-okay and I can just build a new body. Unless this flab is so overtaking me that my SOUL gets fat. Hmm, now that's an interesting concept...)

I am truly insatiable though. <3 All this flab, all this is enviable and beautiful! Yet I can't stop wondering how I'd look drawn even bigger... ;3