Scuff is Tuff, Can Ruff You Plenty 'Nuff! - by Geckomania by Charem

Scuff is Tuff, Can Ruff You Plenty 'Nuff! - by Geckomania


15 April 2017 at 18:11:39 MDT


When you're a fatty-fat, you often feel like you can take on the world. With that mindset, a wrestling tourney doesn't sound like any problem at all~ Especially not in my Miltank form; why, I'm even more hefty and weighty with that big udder-belly!

The problem with overconfidence is that it doesn't let you consider that - big and fat as you are - you may still encounter those even bigger and tubbier. Such as Scuff here... Though only a high-schooler, he is CERTAINLY the tallest in his class; easy enough, I suppose, for a creature as naturally-large as a Goodra. But the slimy slug-dragon surely packs many more pounds than others of his kind, both in flab AND muscle. He's not really a bully, but he LOVES himself some wrasslin'.

Clearly, I had a slightly-slower reaction time than the gooey Pokemon - and stout as I was, he had little trouble barreling-over my bovine form. A testament to his strength, that he could haul all that weight of his through the air...! A small fortune that the gooey fellow was rather soft all over, with his pliable sluggy skin; it didn't hurt a bit, though it certainly knocked the wind outta me!

Scuff seemed quite pleased with himself as he almost casually lounged atop me, performing a successful pin without having to do another move. The force of his weight was immense, but as stated, at least all his body was very squishy atop me, especially that wobbling belly... I moooo'd in defeat, blushing as I felt his gooey coating drip and stick along my own hide...

I'm capable in a lot of things, but clearly, wrestling isn't one of those! (At least, not without a...smaller opponent!)

Such a cute picture. <3 I don't get involved in many 'action-packed' comics like this, mainly because that's often way too much exercise for me! Doesn't look like I'll be doing anything other than lazing flopped on the ground for a while though, so at least I get quite the breather?

  geckomania is the artist of this piece! He did this a while ago when I won an auction he did. My Miltank form has been shown before; I do love to moo, and it's nice to return to it now and then~ Scuff the Goodra is one of Gecko's own characters; a highschool-age Pokemon who's pretty good natured but a little simple. Scuff also has a special friendship with another highschool Pokemon character of my own, as me and Gecko decided they'd share the same universe. ^^ This character of mine has not yet been revealed as I need to color some stuff Gecko did of him...but I think you guys will like him when I can get around to all that work. ;3 (He may not exactly be a 'nice guy' though!)