[COMM] Learning Who's the Better Villain - by Anarchity & Me by Charem

[COMM] Learning Who's the Better Villain - by Anarchity & Me


15 April 2017 at 18:09:36 MDT

The subject of who would merge the victor in a battle between a plant and a dragon seems fairly obvious when you consider plants are flammable. But surprise attacks can turn the tides of a one-sided fight, now can't they? Zr's strong legs, thrashable tail, and fire-breathing snout are all dangerous, yet a plant like Audrey II hs more than enough vine length to bind each and every one of those dangerous pieces of anatomy. Those vines are thick with binding fibers, too; not even a dragon could rip through them with blunt power alone!

The powerful dragon is merely a wriggly, scaly snack at this point, too bound to resist as the vines pull him towards the ferocious foliage's gaping, drooling, thick-lipped jaws... It seems we'll learn quite soon how effective drakes are as plant growth food!

This was a coloring commission I did for   krown a while ago! The original sketch artist was   Anarchity. In addition to coloring, I also cleaned up and redrew a number of details here for accuracy and polish, per Krown's request.

Zr the dragon is Krown's character, the villain from the novel he wrote! (Which I'd totally link where to buy right here if I knew where it is!) Audrey II, meanwhile, is the voracious plant from the movie Little Shop of Horrors~ What got these two to meet is anybody's guess, but villain vs. villain fights are always interesting...especially with such a tasty outcome~