[COMM] Chu-Paws Need Chu-Love! - by AzuraTheFox & Me by Charem

[COMM] Chu-Paws Need Chu-Love! - by AzuraTheFox & Me


15 April 2017 at 18:09:24 MDT

Raichus are notable for many adorable assets, not the least their long, wriggly tails and plump, buzzing cheeks. Not unusual details for a rodent to have, though, as well as that general air of energetic cuteness they exhibit. But if you want a physical detail more unique to Chus, you need only look...down~

Yes, that's right; their feet. Those girthy footpaws support their pudgy frames well, with their thick legs providing a good level of strength to their feet too. They can deliver quite the kick, suffice to say, or make quite the mighty leaps... Or, if a Raichu desires to take a load off and simply relax, he can prop up those softly-padded feet and get a nice, expansive foot-rub by another consenting Pokemon. And what more eager a Pokemon to act as masseur than another Raichu?

Fuse the Umbrechu, though oft quite energetic, doesn't mind powering down his electric nature now and then. Being a fat mouse does make breaks quite appealing...especially with a good friend like Redchu the Raichu around. Red adores paws of all sorts, and Fuse certainly noticed the fellow rodent stealing looks at his feet... So it was no surprise to the oranger Chu that Red was MORE than happy to accept a coy offer of being his footstool...and more...for a while~

Though it's an arrangement that requires Red's dexterous paws to work quite thoroughly over those big Umbrechu feet, while Fuse merely reclines and groans in enjoyment...there's no doubt that both parties couldn't be happier in their situation. <3

This was a commission I did all too long ago in joint with   azurathefox! Azzy did the linework, while I did the rest~ (Man, I REALLY need to get back to my commissions!) The characters here are my Umbrechu Fuse and   redchu, the commissioner! Red is usually a Pikachu, but dabbles a bit in evolution and transformation here and there; he makes for quite the adorable Rai, doesn't he? ^_^

I had a lot of fun with this project, and I liked how my shading came out, simple as it may be. Also, it's rare I work on paw-centric stuff, so it was a lovely change of pace. (And, much like Redchu, I have quite the thing for Rai-paws...!) Azura did a great job drawing these two cuties too - Red's expression is 100% d'aww-worthy! <3

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