From Minccino to Maxccino! - by Flame & Me by Charem

From Minccino to Maxccino! - by Flame & Me


15 April 2017 at 18:09:11 MDT

Usually, rodents are pretty small and unassuming. Myuu, though? He's not your typical rodent.

The Minccino's atypical-ness started back when he decided that his fluffy body needed some flair beyond his snazzy blue fur~ A gentlemanly hat, monocle and (sometimes) cane solved that matter quite thoroughly, and Myuu became known as the most dapper Minccino there was!

Myuu had another distinction about him, though. He was the most VORACIOUS Minccino there is, too! Didn't matter at all that he was a lil' guy not more than a couple feet tall; he was a bottomless pit that could stomach a Charizard or more if he wanted to! You wouldn't even be able to tell a week later; rodents are generally energetic, and Minccinos are always busying themselves with cleaning, so Myuu active, high metabolism always burned off all those mass amounts or calories...

...Shame, wasn't it? Such a big appetite, yet he wasn't keeping around all those pounds as trophies like a good predator should! Well - it was a good thing that he was friends with me. I tend to help convince my friends to gain some glorious weight on their forms...and I'm quite effective with my methods~ ;3

Voracious Minccino he is, Myuu had no qualms with being treated to a veritable buffet of Pokemon I'd captured for his bottomless belly one day. He didn't even notice how I'd chosen particularly-tubby examples of each species, so busy was he in stuffing his face with the wriggling meals... Nor did he notice the empty Luxury Ball I'd procured from my fluffy tail, held deftly in the air by a wisp of my Shadox magicks...ready to be thrown, at him~ After all, what better to put such a dapper rodent into but a luxurious ball?

At last, the Minccino had slurped down the final tail of the final Pokemon of his gigantic meal. Even bloated as he was, MANY times larger than he had been before, he still drug his weight deftly to face me and give me a thank-you. That was the trouble with the 'little' rodent; no matter how big he got, he always managed to stay mobile, somehow, and work off all that weight. Until this buffet night, anyways~

There was only time for a moment of confusion on the Minccino's face as I tossed the Luxury Ball his way. The bloated rodent flashed into a big glow of energy...then... "Vooooom!" The energy sucked into the ball, thudding heavily onto the floor with a weak jostling...before finally sealing and calming. A wild Myuu was caught!...fortunately he had been made weak by sheer metabolic reasons, his gut demanding all his energy to gurgle and glorp and churn around the many snacks he had eaten...robbing him of the energy to struggle, of course~

I tucked the ball safely away into my tail - adjusting to its newfound weight - and left it there for...oh, a week or so~ He still slowly processed his meal during that time...but being cooped up in a ball like he was, his metabolism was slowed, and his chance to exercise was non-existent. Heheh...just as planned.

The rodent let out quite the lethargic groan once I - eventually - freed him. I enjoyed the sight of watching his energy reform into a large, bloated mass of fat~ Why, he'd even grown a foot and a half taller, putting him snout-to-snout with my quadruped self! Still, his body was even better at growing wider; I couldn't easily measure how thick he'd gotten, with all those blubbery rolls sagging and jiggling off to his sides. Talk about eye candy~

Almost as good as eyeing him over was watching him look over himself! In a Pokeball, you're not quite fully aware of what's going on, especially on a physical the shock in both his free and monocled eyes were quite understandable. Myuu was slow to realize the many, many, MANY new pounds he'd gained...but the gasp of realization slowly huffed out of his obese snout. All he had worked to avoid for so many years, undone by a conniving canine...! But the blush on those plump cheeks betrayed his hidden approval of his newfound situation, didn't they?...

He would never be able to work off that weight again, not with it THIS bad. My evil actions had led him into a lifetime of morbid obesity...his prized metabolism now completely borked. Now, whenever his appetite struck, he would only contribute more soft mass to his behemothian form... Yes, you could say - and SHOULD say - that this is Myuu's new body shape. ;3 And it's alllll my fault~

Isn't it wonderful? <3

Hoo boy, this was fun to work on. <3 And I don't only mean about how I colored and shaded this~

My friend Flame drew this awesome pic as a commission to my other friend   myuumitsu, aka the titular/moobular Minccino featured here! :3

Myuu's been a good friend for a while; we've always shared a love of Pokemon and vore. However, it was more recently that I learned the rodent loved fatties too! Now of course, I've only grown larger and larger (:P) in my love of obese creatures, so I offered a...bit of a the normally-slim Mincinno. <3

What's really fun about this is that he isn't just 'trying out' this blubbery body. Through the course of much RPing and teasing, I've convinced the Mincinno to PERMANENTLY and CANONICALLY make what you see here is default body size from now on. ^^ In fact, what officiates this little pact is me posting this image publicly, letting all the world to witness his huge new size that he'll now be.

Yes, that's right viewers; just by looking at this image, you've sealed the deal on Myuu evolving into a 'Maxccino', canonically, FOREVER. ;3 Thanks for helping! Do feel free to leave a comment well-wishing/admiring/teasing the big 'ol fatty-rodent about his new size, if you want - I'm sure it'll only make him blush harder when he checks the comments later~