Fuse the Umbrechu - by Geckomania & Me by Charem

Fuse the Umbrechu - by Geckomania & Me


15 April 2017 at 17:59:35 MDT

Do you guys know what the cutest Dark/Electric type Pokemon is? Well, that's an easy one, since there's technically only one of such a type combination (for now!). Umbrechus, of course!

What, you've never heard of an Umbrechu? Well, they don't have completely-natural origins. They came about when a certain potent Umbreon named Jerry elected to envelop a Raichu into his corrupting darkness...mingling with and changing the Raichu's physical makeup into a 'far superior' form. That's certainly what Jerry considered it, at least!

Thus the first Umbrechu was born...and with it, all those lusty, corruptive energies that came from their dark origin. It wasn't long before one Umbrechu became two, then three...as one can make another out of a different creature, with the right...coaxing. Not too unlike how a Shadox can transform a creature into another Shadox, in fact... Being a Shadox as I am, I was quite interested in these dark mice, and asked a couple of them if they could...'share' their corruption~

Well, that's the short story, anyways. In truth, it was a very intimate experience, and bore not just a new form, but a whole new personality upon me... This is Fuse, the roly-polyest of the Umbrechus. His brothers are larger and stronger than him, but he certainly obtained the most cuteness out of the family. <3 He's quite a friendly sort; a bit sheltered too, as he wasn't 'created' all too long ago. Cheery and innocent, you could say.

...Well...SOMEWHAT innocent. He's still an Umbrechu, and still has a lot of corruptive energy! So do be careful...lest he melt you with his cuteness, then perhaps melt you further in his adorable plump tummy~? Or perhaps, shape you into a new 'Bree-'Chu... Or maybe he'll just be entirely subby! Who knooows. <3

But you're more focused on how precious he is, of course, right? Just look at that cute scarf! Every Umbrechu wears some form of attire, it's a family tradition...though while most choose a cap of some sort, Fuse thought a fluffy scarf would be best. D'awww~ His appearance just DISARMS you, doesn't it? ;3

This absolute adorableness was drawn by   geckomania, who so kindly gave Fuse his first reference - and what a perfect one it is! I colored it myself...or rather, Fuse colored it himself. ;3 He is a personality as I stated above, so he was giddy to figure out his own color scheme. I love the highlights in that scruffy hair of his~ ^^

This is a new character/personality of mine (similar to Mizuko the Vaporeon, if you guys recall how I described him as another side of myself). Well, now 'new' per se; he's been around for about a year old now. I've been terrible with posting, and also not had the energy to write up a proper introduction for this cutie. (I wanted to give him a proper showcasing!) He came about from a very involved and passionate RP I did with two of his brothers, a pair of Umbrechus who rather wanted me to have my own~ Quite a kind thing of them to do, corrupting as they were!