[GIF] Utterchub Umbrechu Gait - by Pikapetey by Charem

[GIF] Utterchub Umbrechu Gait - by Pikapetey


15 April 2017 at 17:59:56 MDT

If you'd ever be curious how a plump-legged creature like a 'Chu walks, well, here's your answer! (Tip: The answer is 'adorably-waddly'!)

Fuse the Umbrechu is more plump-legged and fat-pawed than many normal Raichu are, but he gets around just fine; the trick's all in the sway of those hips! Those tubby toes have a good grip anyways, soft yet durable as they are...he could cross uneven terrain without a problem. Such as stepping atop you and pinning you under those big, beautiful feet, for instance...no problem for him. <3

This was a totally random and neat circumstance that this was created. I had a stream going and was working on something involving Fuse, when the epic Pikapetey stopped by and took a liking to the darkish Chu! He then doodled up this adorable animation which obviously I had to share. <3

If you don't know Pikapetey, he's an incredible animator who's done some high-tier work over on his YouTube. (Check the link last paragraph!) They guy loves himself some Chus, obviously, but I never thought somebody as cool as him would take the time to watch one of my streams, and even do an amazing little gift like this! ^_^ Truly, Fuse is a very lovable Chu.

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