Bellies > Doors: Part 3 - by Gothyk-Industries by Charem

Bellies > Doors: Part 3 - by Gothyk-Industries


15 April 2017 at 17:51:59 MDT

After downing a huge meal and escaping a building that's proven too small for your gluttony, often you just wanna take a load off. I was done dragging this deliciously-distended belly around; it was time for a nice break on a nearby park bench. Maybe take a power nap right here and have a softer, less-wriggling belly to contend with for the gut-drag home...

Ahhh, vore...especially vore to this degree. For all its difficulty at times, it truly is an enriching food-adventure!

This was a clean sketch-sequence done by   Gothyk-Industries a while back! Think it was meant to have color but that never occurred, so I'm posting up these lovely sketches instead~ :3