The Innocence is a Trap - by FairyTails by Charem

The Innocence is a Trap - by FairyTails


15 April 2017 at 17:52:17 MDT

Can a better sentence be made to describe me than that title? Whether I'm reptilian or canine or whatever I am, it's a stoic statement that never falters to apply to my voracious charm~ So give in, let your guard down - I'm too precious not to. <3 I'll show you how cute I am...outside, inside, through and through...!

This was an reference sheet for my Charmeleon-self that my good pal   fairytails just kinda did randomly. :3 She never actually got around to finishing it, but heck if it isn't adorable and worth sharing. That face. <3

Also, I think this was the closest I'd ever come to having a full reference sheet for my Charmeleon-self, hilariously. It is just something I have trouble getting around to for most of my forms and characters, it seems!