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Bellies > Doors: Part 2 - by Gothyk-Industries by Charem

Bellies > Doors: Part 2 - by Gothyk-Industries


W-well...'oomph' on my part wasn't too effective. However, during one of the times I was fruitlessly pressing backward to try to wedge my gigantic gut through the door-frame, my rather-snug meal decided to make one more unwilling thrash...kicking and fragmenting the door frame in one fell swoop! ...As well as, a good portion of that whole outer wall!

Suffice to say, I sorta flew back at that point. Fortunately, my titanic tummy did NOT land atop me...or I'd have been stuck there till my prey had digested down over the course of a few days!

This was a clean sketch-sequence done by   Gothyk-Industries a while back! Think it was meant to have color but that never occurred, so I'm posting up these lovely sketches instead~ :3