Making Room for Dessert: Part 15 - by CongruentPartisan by Charem

Making Room for Dessert: Part 15 - by CongruentPartisan


15 April 2017 at 14:20:22 MDT

Soon, my own fattiness slid me off of Shame's blobby form, our flabby rolls' sheer girth and weight having more control over our motions than we could muster ourselves. Still, with great effort, I 'oozed' over to Shame's side, bumping my pudged snout against his own. The Umbreon seemed quite embarrassed indeed as I proceeded to give him a number of drooly nose-licks, but I couldn't help myself; he was just TOO CUTE! <3 Undoubtedly, I was nearly as cute myself...

The gurgles and urgles in our bellies - wherever our bellies were now under all these layers of fat - slowly began to settle down. It seemed the drink's girthful effects were nearly at an end... Immutable, all the while having stood well back to give our giant bodies plenty of growing space, seemed to noticed this as well. Reaching into his cart again, the fattening-instigator pulled out a clipboard, pen, and...a long roll of measuring tape?...before approaching us again...

This is an epic 16-part commission that I commissioned   congruentpartisan to draw. =3 It took quite a while, but man did it come out awesome. This series pushed both of our boundaries when it came to fatfurs, but ultimately it was a wonderful boundary to push as well! <3 He's an amazing artist and a great friend!

Oh yes. Shame is owned by Congruent too. ;3 And is a very awesome and cute Umbreon~

And here's the second 'part' of this comic series, pages 10 - 16. ^^ Just how fat will this go? See for yourself!