Making Room for Dessert: Part 14 - by CongruentPartisan by Charem

Making Room for Dessert: Part 14 - by CongruentPartisan


15 April 2017 at 14:20:06 MDT

As our blubbery hides expanded more and more, and as our fat rolls gained their OWN fat rolls, I noticed that every single movement I made felt amazing. Jiggly, wobbly, soft, was like resting on the world's softest and smoothest mattress, except if YOU were the mattress as well!

With that knowledge, I undertook the effort required to hoist myself up atop Shame's massive middle - wishing to give the Umbreon one more good belly-rubbing before movement became a total impossibility. Instead, I found my heavy self sinking into his heavy self, like two blobs mingling together in a jiggly, lazy, smooshy way!

Shame seemed a bit bashful at the interaction, but there was little he could do to resist it. In truth, he seemed dreamily bewildered by how large he was - and that bewilderment only grew as our bodies continued to do the same!

This is an epic 16-part commission that I commissioned   congruentpartisan to draw. =3 It took quite a while, but man did it come out awesome. This series pushed both of our boundaries when it came to fatfurs, but ultimately it was a wonderful boundary to push as well! <3 He's an amazing artist and a great friend!

Oh yes. Shame is owned by Congruent too. ;3 And is a very awesome and cute Umbreon~

And here's the second 'part' of this comic series, pages 10 - 16. ^^ Just how fat will this go? See for yourself!