Making Room for Dessert: Part 16 - by CongruentPartisan by Charem

Making Room for Dessert: Part 16 - by CongruentPartisan


15 April 2017 at 14:20:35 MDT

Immutable patted both of the blobbened Pokemon in front of him, letting out a bit of a purr as he watched our BEYOND-overstuffed hides wobble, the last bit of soda-fizz generating a few last gurgles from our guts. Clearly, the results had gone better than planned for the clever creature; he had utilized my own fattening plot to fuel his own. But, he wasn't quite finished with us yet.

Expertly he 'scaled' my massive form first, pen in mouth and clipboard tucked under one arm as he extended his measuring tape around my middle. How he could even FIND my middle was impressive enough, but I couldn't help but giggle ticklishly as he wriggled under my flabby back, diving amongst my flab against the floor before popping out the other side of my mass...all to loop the measuring tape completely around. Immutable certainly was dedicated at getting the recordings he wanted, and seemed quite triumphed as he linked his tape around and got his first reading. Quickly and with a look of scientific determination, he wrote down his findings on his chart, looking scrutinously at my girth as he made a few final check-marks on the paper.

Then, tirelessly, he repeated the whole process with Shame, who was even larger than I was. The Umbreon's flab took much longer for him to scale and crawl under, the blue-and-purple-furred fellow even seeming to get a bit lost in the labyrinth of flab below Shame's back as he looped his measurements under the Eeveelution's mass... But Immutable did once again succeed in completing a loop around the cushiony obstacle course, panting lightly from the exercise it required as he made a similar set of writings and marking on his chart for his gigantic pet.

And with that...his 'duties' was complete. Immutable, giggling a little, proceeded to lay back on his pet's soft body, kicking his feet up and looking quite satisfied with himself. Of course, he wasn't the only one satisfied with these results; immobile as I now was, I couldn't help but curl my flabby jaws into a smile as well. Even Shame seemed impressed at the outcome, and at the promptings of my giant tail waggling against his own, even managed a smile of his own.

We weren't going anywhere for a GOOD long while, sure. But, so very softly and fattily relaxing next to friends like could you go wrong with that? <3

This is an epic 16-part commission that I commissioned   congruentpartisan to draw. =3 It took quite a while, but man did it come out awesome. This series pushed both of our boundaries when it came to fatfurs, but ultimately it was a wonderful boundary to push as well! <3 He's an amazing artist and a great friend!

Oh yes. Shame is owned by Congruent too. ;3 And is a very awesome and cute Umbreon~

And that's the end, folks. <3 I'm not normally into 'blob-furs' like this, but man, this one was so much fun!