Sweet Tooth: Part 1 - by Mangoicy by Charem

Sweet Tooth: Part 1 - by Mangoicy


15 April 2017 at 13:10:38 MDT

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Charem decided one day to go to the local mall. Window shopping was always a fun activity, and there were so many interesting shops to peer into and look around. Perhaps he'd even buy something, if it really caught his fancy! ...That was the plan, at least. Except, after arriving at his destination, it occurred to the Pokemon that the money he'd intended to tuck under his collar for this occasion...wasn't there. Slowly, the Char realized he had left his Pokebucks at home!

Seeing as his mail goal was window-shopping anyways, the Charmeleon shrugged it off and resolved to just enjoy looking around for a while before going home. After all, he didn't HAVE to buy anything, right?

Well, that's what he thought. But as the hours went on, and lunchtime hit, the firelizard's belly started to complain and grumble... "Oog..." the Charmeleon groaned as he passed the food court and smelled the tantalizing smell of things he simply couldn't purchase. He needed to eat -something- though...!

Now a bit depressed, the Pokemon was beginning to think about ending his trip early...when a curious shop caught his eye. "HL's Perfect Pastries and more" stated a sign next to the door. Peering inside, the Charmeleon was awestruck at the rows upon rows of sweets, snacks, and savories piled around the small, yet well-stocked business! Almost as exciting was noticing the shopkeeper in the back was a Pokemon as well: a kind-looking Lucario, who was chubbier than most of his kind tended to be. Considering the shop he ran, there was no mystery as to why.

Tentatively the Charmeleon padded inside. He was still broke, but perhaps he could work out some sort of deal in return for a few snacks? After all, surely the owner could help out a fellow Pokemon in need...!

This is the first of a 4-part comic, drawn by   Mangoicy back when she was exclusively on DA. :3~ Mangoicy seemed to have a lot of fun with this comic, and it turned out pretty fun as well! <3 It was probably the best points commission deal I've ever done, for that matter. The comic also was a gift to   angrytoad, aka Hungry Lucario, who plays the shopkeeper in this little story. n..n