Sweet Tooth: Part 2 - by Mangoicy by Charem

Sweet Tooth: Part 2 - by Mangoicy


15 April 2017 at 13:10:50 MDT

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Charem approached the counter as reservedly as he could, even as the wonderful smells of all the succulent snacks wafted through his nostrils. By the time he actually reached the shopkeeper, drool was dribbling down his chin.

"E-excuse me, sir...but...you see..." the Charmeleon began at first timidly, before his excitement exploded out, throwing his arms out and thumping his tail on the tiled floor. "I'm really, really, REALLY hungry! B-but I don't have a single penny! Is there some sorta deal I could do with you? Maybe do some work for a cupcake, or something??

The Lucario - Hungry Lucario - simply smiled and watched the little lizard flail for a moment, thinking carefully. "Work? Nah...that's not necessary. I think we can work out a deal just fine. I'll let you know what I want after you've eaten to your heart's content. Fair enough? Eat as much as you want."

That final sentence was like music to the firelizard's ears, so much so that it failed to occur to him to ask just WHAT would be required of him after his gorging! No, food was the only thing on the Charmeleon's mind now, who grinned from ear to ear at the offer. "W-wow! Yeah, I'll totally do that deal!"

"Then it's settled." HL yawned lazily, sitting down in a chair behind the counter. "Enjoy yourself."

Charem had already darted into the depths of the pasty shop upon the word 'settled', however, gleefully purrbling all the way! The Lucario simply sat back and watched the lizard pick around the shop, shoving pastries from shelves directly into his gluttonous maw without even bothering to bite into them, almost inhaling them at the rate he was consuming! And all the while, an innocent, bright smile stuck to the feeding Charmeleon's snout, who was quite literally surrounded by bliss!

Hungry Lucario merely licked his lips as he watched the fatty reptile become fattier. To most, it seemed like a bad business decision to allow a customer to eat your entire stock for a non-monetary payment, but he also wasn't like most pastry shopkeepers. One of his special abilities was conjuring up desserts from nothingness, a variant on a Lucario's normal aura abilities. Replenishing the stock simply meant using a little bit of his personal energy, and cost hardly any time... It was how he'd gotten himself rather fatty as well.

Still, sweets alone can get a bit boring after a while. And after all, desserts are always best after a good, hearty, meaty meal...

This is the second of a 4-part comic, drawn by   Mangoicy back when she was exclusively on DA. :3~ Mangoicy seemed to have a lot of fun with this comic, and it turned out pretty fun as well! <3 It was probably the best points commission deal I've ever done, for that matter. The comic also was a gift to   angrytoad, aka Hungry Lucario, who plays the shopkeeper in this little story. n..n