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Prinnies and Provocateurs - by GonnaEatcha by Charem

Prinnies and Provocateurs - by GonnaEatcha


15 April 2017 at 13:07:36 MDT

Sometimes, I just feel lazy. Today is a day where I feel lazy. On lazy days, I just like to post some content I don't feel I need to write a story for. :P Fortunately, I have just the thing...or several things, really.

These are practice sketches   GonnaEatcha did of my character, the third of four pages of doodly-things he did in preparation of some certain comics that...haven't yet been produced. But in due time, I suppose! <3

I guess Eatcha felt like randomly dressing me up as other game characters for this page. What's ironic is, I've never touched TF2 OR Disgaea before. XP Though I'm a big fan of prinnies all the same, dood!