A Well-Rounded Charmeleon - by Puffedup by Charem

A Well-Rounded Charmeleon - by Puffedup


15 April 2017 at 13:07:58 MDT

I may not have the best moveset as far as my my species goes. I may not be skilled at tons of different things. But, sit me in front of a good buffet of food, let me pack it all away right down my drooly gullet, and I can quickly become well-rounded. VERY well-rounded. ;3 Just allow the culinary smorgasbord to soften down a bit, gloop into a nice compact mass... n..n

Naturally, I'm quite happy to be a ball o' pudge. ^.~ You'll note that while firm enough to stay its shape, my belly-fat is still quite soft and squishable!

I don't mind people checkin' it out... Heck, feel free to get within arms' reach... ;3~ Why? Oh, no -important- reason... It just tends to help me get a bit more well-rounded, I suppose?

Drawn up by   puffedup, this was sort of a return-gift for the Christmas cookie I made of puffed's skunk character. ^..^ Gotta love a spherical Charmeleon, eh?