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A Successful Hunt!...Somewhat - by DracoDarastrix by Charem

A Successful Hunt!...Somewhat - by DracoDarastrix


Charem the igwulfeon gets hungry sometimes, just like any igwulfeon would. :3 While as a Charmeleon, he would often be quite lazy in the way he caught his meals, the igwulf blood he's now got in him really managed to charge up his hunting instincts...

A fatty mistdragon was soon spotted as the Charwulf stalked through the woods. After a few less-than-graceful attempts (he'll get this tree-climbing stuff down eventually, gosh-dangit!), the igwulfeon was perched and ready in a nearby tree, waiting for the pudgy meal to trot on under...


Wait...what was THAT? Something had sped right on by, and the mistdragon had vanished. Charem looked left and right and all over, but there was nothing around anymore...

Suddenly, his claws began to scratch and slip against the branch's wood; he was losing his grip, still not skilled at all at being up in a tree! Awkwardly the igwulfeon did spin under the branch and tumble off towards the ground...!

GLOMP. The fuzzy creature was saved from a hard thud on the ground by a rather soft, drooling mouth! Draco the dragon, having hidden behind the very tree Charem had occupied, had moved quickly to 'rescue' the igwulfeon...and to earn a meal of his own!

Or, make that ANOTHER meal of his own. The missing mistdragon was soon discovered already bulging out that little - yet voracious - blue dragon, and the confused Charem soon crowded right in that dragon-gut with the other meal.

Fortunately, Charem always knew how to make the best of a situation, and, flashing an evil grin to the mistdragon, quickly claimed the meal he had his eyes on from the start!

The igwulfeon learned back with the mistdragon's fluffy-ended tail flailing about from his jaws, letting our a burp as he gulped down the rest of his dinner. Things hadn't gone as planned, but a successful hunt was still a successful hunt!

This was drawn up a while back by   DracoDarastrix, also known as one of the more voracious little dragons out there. XD It was fun to have my igwulfeon form star in a comic (there's another comic to come later on, which is the joint work of both me and Frostbite-W, but that will likely be a while), and it was also nice to be in a picture with my adorable friend   jumpman92029/Mist. ^^ And of course, a vorish, bulgy finish is always nice to see, whether I'm pred or prey (or both!) for it. <3