Be Careful Who You Pet! - by ArmaggedonDoom by Charem

Be Careful Who You Pet! - by ArmaggedonDoom


15 April 2017 at 13:06:34 MDT

One day, Charm the Ninetales, Light the Pikachu, and Tania the Absol, three good Pokefriends, met up with a Vaporeon who seemed...different from most. They found him to be quite a nice and fun-loving Pokemon and decided to stick around and hang out with him.

But at one point, the Vaporeon, whose name was Mizuko, told them he'd like to be rubbed and petted. It seemed like a harmless request, and three Pokemon agreed, scritching and rubbing over the Vappy's belly and tail. Suddenly though, the water-type began to...melt?! Each of them soon found their paws sinking into Mizuko's liquidy form, and soon all three were grabbed by a mass of semi-solid tentacles! Slowly, the trio were pulled into the Vaporeon through his aquatic skin, Mizuko purring and smiling all the while...

  ArmaggedonDoom drew up this picture for me and his friends. n..n Seems he rather liked my Vaporon Mizuko (as a lot of people do! <3), and it's much appreciated!

Mizuko the Vaporeon belongs to me.
Charm the Ninetales belongs to   ArmaggedonDoom.
Tania the Absol belongs to   koopa-troopa.
Light the Pikachu belongs   spike220.