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Hi ^-^
I go by Khaos. I'm socially awkward, and I adore randomness. I love creepy-cute things. I'm a chaotic mess. I love to make friends. And I love to roleplay.
The commission thingy confuses the hell out of me so if you're looking for commission prices, I made a journal.

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Emergency Commissions!

Hey guys. I'm really upset right now. My moms car is having problems. We brought it twice to get it checked out and fixed. Originally they thought it was something else and that cost $880 but my mom couldn't pay it and needed my uncles help. The car kept having the same problems and not even two days later we had to bring it back because it was about to break down. Turns out the head gasket is broken so they sent it out to get fixed. My mom told them to not do anything until she had the price but they did it anyways so now she has no way of getting her car until its fixed. This problem is gonna cost $1550. If she couldn't pay for the previous one, there's no way she can this one. At least not any time soon.
To have a better picture of whats going on, my mom got severally injured at work back in January. The doctor she had to see instructed her bed rest for two months until they could figure out what's wrong. Needless to say she needs surgery to fix what can only be fixed BY surgery. Only that worksmans comp in Kentucky is HELL! They forced her back to work and the doctor's letter gave strict details that she's not allowed to do anything. So they're making her go into work ever day to LITERALLY do nothing all the while she's in pain. This is the only way to get workmans comp checks.
I live with my mom and have my own tight budget as it is. She's also my ride because I don't drive. Plus she's my mom. Everything has been really tight on money only to have this problem. So I need to find a way to earn $1000. Or even half. It's better than nothing. I mean we still need to pay our other bills and have money for food. So anything will be helpful!

Here is a list of commissions that I am offering!
Click on the link please ^-^

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$ 5.00

~Comes fully colored
~Simple background is free if requested
~Extra character $1.50/150:points:



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