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Hi! I'm Casey LaLonde. I'm an artist. I like doodling and making music!

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Open for commissions as seen here:

If interested please fill out this form:

Thanks, hope you're well!

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    June! This account needs an update dangit!

    Here's a guide for changing usernames, should you need it!

    Good luck to you in the future! I think our transitions hold bright futures for us.

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    Been lurking through your stuff and I find your illustrations amazing! I love the perspective, simplicity and colours. Very bright and minimal.

    Also you make awesome music. I really like "Floating Rooms" Album ♥

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    i know u

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    oh my. dont even knew you were here...

    You dont know how many times i had being on the grass looking the everything with you're music and feeling infinite.


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        I don't know if you remember me but you used to follow my AD tumblr account

        Just thought I'd let you know my page has some things you might like :v

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          Your account def. has things I like. ~ v~ <3